Please Play At A Theater Near Me

I'm always excited about trailers.  Sometimes they're the best part of the movies, let's face facts (especially when the movie is Transformers 2).  More often than not, I rest on my laurels about getting the word out about trailers, mostly because we're more than likely going to have the trailers for the major movies engraved on the back of our eyelids for a period of time ranging from three weeks to two months.  I wouldn't need to let people know that Scream 4 is coming out, because Dimension's doing the heavy lifting for me.  Other times, it seems like IMDB takes some trailers and puts it in their very own hidden stash of awesome, and you have to root around like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve to try and find them.  Although to be fair, I've never found a really good trailer in my mother's closet so their hiding spots are a little better I suppose.

Anyway, here are a couple of trailers for movies that I hope will make it over to a theater that's at least within a 40 minute drive for me.  I'd easily drive 40 minutes to an hour to see a movie I really wanted to.  Some might call that outlandish.  I call it thorough:

Attack the Block: (Yes, that's Nick Frost and yes, he's mostly the reason I want to see this)

When Harry Tries To Marry: ( I refuse to apologize for liking movies clearly made for daydreaming girls)


For other super random movies that, if they sound intriguing you might want to look up on your own, here are the links to lineups from some film festivals:

Sundance 2011
SXSW 2011
Nashville Film Festival 2011

Cannes Film Festival (but don't bother clicking this one quite yet, the official release of the accepted films is still a couple of weeks away, on April 14th)
Venice and Toronto film festivals will be held later in the year as well, so no programs are up as of yet.


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