Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Just in case you're preparing like I am for the 15 minute preview of Game of Thrones on Sunday on HBO, here's a little something to keep as a reminder.

Entertainment Weekly, who thankfully seems to be backing this adaptation, therefore raising it's profile, and hopefully it's popularity (and let's face it, popularity and ratings are what guarantee further seasons) currently has about 46 production stills up.

THIS LINK goes to the most recent 10 character intro photos


THIS LINK goes to the previous 36 photos, which you may or may not have seen.
Bonus points in the imaginary game I have running in my head go to you if  you can guess my favorite photo.  Unfortunately your bonus points will probably not be able to be validated since A) it's an imaginary game and B) you may not be close enough for me to take out for a drink/coffee.  However, if you do live close enough, perhaps a chai latte will be yours all yours for a correct guess.

Don't forget to tune in to the podcast here, if you haven't already listened to the first episode.  Second episode will be arriving forthwith


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