In Case You're Interested-Podcast Reminder

So, in case there are people out there interested, I thought I should update a bit as to why my blogging has been so haphazard lately.  It's mostly because of this new HBO series Game of Thrones.  If you enjoy reading in general, or, more specifically, like fantasy series, and no one has yet been kind enough to point you in the direction of The Song of Fire and Ice series, let me be the first to do so.  Go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your local bookshop, if you're still lucky enough to have a charming one of those, and at least get the first book.  If you don't like it by the end of that book, you're never going to like the series.  I, personally love it.

 HBO has been kind enough to grant us obsessive fans a series that, as of now, still seems to bring the best of the books to life.  In addition to having a strict viewing schedule, I also am lucky enough to be part of a podcast (with some of my other friends who are fans) about said series.  The podcast is just about the show, so if you just watch the show and don't want any book spoilers, we do our best.  I'll give fair warning, the language isn't always refined, neither on the show, nor in our real life podding, so if you have children, it's probably best to not listen while they're in earshot.  If you have children, you probably haven't seen anything on HBO besides the 10th airing of How to Train Your Dragon in months, if we're being honest. As of right now, the series has aired it's 6th episode and things are about to get really, thoroughly interesting.  However, if you have managed to see the series, or read the books, or both, then you might be curious to listen to the podcast.
If you'd like you can go to the main page:


Or if you're on Twitter or Facebook, you should be able to find us searching LDW Podcast.  It also is available on Itunes for download, again, by searching LDW Podcast.  If there are any questions, about finding the podcast or listening to it, I'll do my best to answer or get the answers from my delightful 'castmates!

If you enjoy, be sure to leave us a message!!

Thanks for putting up with shameless self promotion for a bit! 


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