SYTYCD-The Heat Is On & The Flowers Are in Your Hair-ep.1/ep. 2

It's that time of year again people!! And I couldn't be more excited to be honest.  The fall shows are wrapping and evenings in the summer tend to be lazy and what better way to be lazy than by watching other people dance and listening to (usually) good music?!  Ever since American Idol jumped the shark (even I came to grips with the fact that that really happened in Season 7 and Season 8 was just the settling of the storm) I needed to find a reality show to replace it and So You Think You Can Dance has been it.  Survivor is the default show, but luckily, they have opposite schedules, so it's a win-win for me.  I can only handle one reality show on my viewing schedule.  If I watched more than one, I'd both ruin my faith in humanity and ruin my possibility of sanity, so I cut my losses.  I'm going to try to keep these short and concise, at least for the audition rounds and only focus on the serious dancers, I can already say that I'm not certain the former stripper featured in the preview will make my cut for blog-worthiness, unless her "booty dropping" is truly astounding

So here we are and 1st up is Atlanta:

Judges: Nigel, Mary Murphy, and Lil' C

Bianka-Columbian Salsa-I'm not great at judging ballroom.  As long as your feet are moving, you've managed to not perform a face plant and you don't cause your partner to drop you, I assume you're doing well.
Result: Choreography- through to Vegas

Name:Melanie Moore 
Music: The Meadow-from the New Moon soundtrack
Backstory: She's an art student and her father passed away after a transplant.
Holy crap her lines and extensions are out of control.  It's a routine packed with impressive moves but I agree with Nigel that I hope she can do other styles or that her talent translates to other routines.

Name:Deon & Damon
Style: Hip Hop
Backstory: Just two dudes who love the ladies
For the goofy story, it's surprisingly well choreographed and sweet.  I like these guys.  Big personality and cheeky talent, hard to beat.

Montage to B.O.B's MAGIC -10 Dancers, whose backstories we don't have, get sent straight through to Vegas.

Name: Marco Germar
Style: Contemporary
Music- James Morrison "If You Don't Wanna Love Me"
Backstory:Shot in the Shoulder
I'm always impressed by male contemporary dancers.  It requires so much athleticism and Marco doesn't skimp throwing in several backflips.  Oh Mary agrees with me and uses the word athleticism too!  Put me in a chair! and name me conductor of the Hot Tamale Train!!
Result: Choreography-Through to Vegas

Holy crap Jakob's teaching choreography!  Love that guy!

Name: Kimalee Piedad
Style: Contemporary
Music: Sarah Bareilles-Gravity
Backstory: None, but her non-competing partner has no need of a shirt, just a leather arm band.  It's weird
Here's the deal.  If you've watched this show, you know that one of the most beautiful routines, choreographed by Mia Michaels was done to this song featuring Kayla and Kapuono:

It's a tough song to use, in my opinion.  She's good but I'm always weary of folks who bring a partner who's not trying out.

Just a short mention of someone calling himself "White Chocolate" who insists on making things awkward.  At least the montage of dancers not good enough to make the cut is done to a great song Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Off With Your Head"

Name: Kyre Batiste
Style: Hip Hop
Song: Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams
Backstory: Grandma's in the crowd and she's a pistol.  I'm a sucker for these things.
Cleverly choreographed with spindly limbs that seem to not have need of joints.  I'd love to see if this guy could do well in choreography.  He seems like he could be a great wild card.
Result: Choreography- Not in- that's a bummer

Montage of 7 more dancers in: Lifehouse- All in All


Song: Marlena Shaw- California Soul (the Diplo/Mad DeCent Remix)
Judges: Tyce, Nigel, and Toni

Name: Amber Williams
Style: Contemporary
Song: Kesha- Boots & Boys
Backstory:  This girl is the child that Ritalin was created for.  She better be really good or her extremely high energy level will eat through that last nerve I'm hanging on to.  I hate to admit she's pretty good.  Athletic jumping, great extensions, and the all important "musicality".

Name: Timothy Joseph
Style: B-Boy
Backstory: He likes to hit and hit hard
He does have impressive tricks, and there have been other contestants who have made it far starting out at B-Boy style, like Legacy in Season 6, so we'll see.
Result: Choreography-OUT due to injury

Quick stop for Ieshia Moss-aka The Booty Popper.  She's all wigs and eye make-up and short Wellington boots.  I wish I had 1/10 of her confidence

Name: Danielle
Style: Contemporary
Backstory: She's been abandoned by her dad but not before he caused the family to lose everything and become homeless
Song: Florence +The Machine-Cosmic Love
She's good but not phenomenal.  A lot of dramatic pauses where there's no choreography besides walking forward.
Result: Choreography-Through to Vegas (and lots of boyband fan screaming ensues)

By the way, Cat Deeley might be one of the few people in the world who can carry off a jumpsuit.

Name:Ashley Rich
Style: Contemporary
Backstory: Dance is, like, who she is
Song: Marvin Sapp- The Best In Me
She has legs that go on for miles, seriously.  It's unfair.  Great control, musicality

Montage of dancers to Whitney Houston's version of "You Light Up My Life"

Oh no, it's the rise of the Underdog and the Underdog is a crier.  He cries so much it's uncomfortable and embarrassing
Song: LeToya- Lazy

Day 2:

Name:  Jeffrey McCann
Style: B-Boy
Backstory: on his own at 15, hustler, dancing was his way out
Song: James Brown -Get on the Good Foot
More musical and choreographed than Timothy.  Not as many backflips, but more similar to both Legacy and Jose, who made it fairly far in this competition in consecutive years.

Name: Ryan Ramirez
Style: Contemporary
Backstory: I'm kind of over this girl.  She was on last season and was **this close** to the Top 24, so she'll probably make it this time barring injury and/or stage fright.  Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the girl who's already worked with Mia Michaels?!
Song: Angus & Julia Stone-Walk It Off
She is good though and you can tell she's better at storytelling than some of the other contemporary dancers.

Montage to Brooke Fraser's "Something in the Water"
Dancers featured : Whitney Bezzant & Lilly Nguyen

Feature on TURFing (Taking Up Room On the Floor) which includes aspects of Swagger/Feetwork/Pantomiming/Storytelling.  I'll admit, I've never heard of this specific style

Name: Levi Allen
Style: TURFing
He's going to get major points for unique-ness.  There's a lot required in this and the gliding is impressive.  It's Michael Jackson inspired.
Result: Choreography- not through

7 more dancers do make it.  We don't get their names
Exit Montage to Elsinore's "Yes Yes Yes"

Next Week: Salt Lake City and New York City- be there or if you're not watching, just know you're even lazier than I am.  You can't sleep knowing that can you?!


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