Out Of The Moo

Two things happened to me today that I absolutely did not see coming.

1.  Due to my indecisive nature, once I had run through the second season of The Adventures Of Merlin on Hulu (thanks Hulu!), I decided to take a risk on the ABC mid-season replacement sitcom "Happy Endings".  Kind of an odd title, and the pilot wasn't completely stellar, but every episode I have watched after that has made me actually laugh out loud.  Not just pretend I did and write in a text as LOL.  The dialog is so weirdly wonderful with pop culture references that it almost seems like something Joss Whedon or Josh Schwartz would do, and I feel like if it were on any other network, they might pimp it out a little more to give it the credit it deserves.

If you want a sample of what I'm talking about, here's some of the dialog from Episode 10:

Dave: Just tell me one thing.  What would Segal do in this situation?
Max: Well I think it's pretty cut and dry.  He'd fly over to Bo's house on an eagle, leap through the front window tear his throat out use it as a dream catcher and then ride away on a polar bear.

Watch this please!!

2. I saw this on my drive back from work- you're welcome:


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