SYTYCD- This isn't goodbye...well it kind of is

It's Thursday and that means the legs are on the chopping block on So You Think You Can Dance.  Cat's wearing an incredibly pink number and after reassurances about how difficult this season is going to be we're into it:

Group Intro Dance:
Song: XR2- M.I.A.

It's pretty awesome.  It's like a combination of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation meeting Lady Gaga and it's choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, so you know you can't go wrong.

July 30th is going to be National Dance day in case you're interested in taking part in it.  I'm almost positive that there's a chance that we'll be hearing more about this in upcoming episodes, so relax in case you feel like you just MUST hear more details.

First three couples up:

Marko & Melanie
Wadi & Missy
Iveta & Nick

All of them are safe, although based on her leopard print leotard, I'm not entirely certain that Iveta doesn't deserve to spend a night being questioned by the fashion police.

Next up:
Chris & Ashley
Jordan & Tadd- Bottom Three
Caitlynn & (injured) Mitchell- Mitchell is already in the Bottom Three/ Caitlynn is safe
Jess & Clarice- Bottom Three

Keri Hilson is the first extraneous performance of the season.  I always love how when they're on SYTYCD, the performers feel the need to prove that they can dance too.  Keri takes the entire first chorus off to show off what is described in the song as "shake, wind and roll".

Ricky & Ryan- Safe-  mmmmm well I'm happy Ricky is sticking around
Alexander & Sasha- safe
Robert & Miranda- Bottom Three

Next up, they bring on a dancer to show us just how the Gopak is supposed to look.  It's basically just leap after leap and while the amount of air is quite impressive, it's still nothing that any of the dancers on this show should be expected to know.  People need to cut Janine and Phillip some slack, it wasn't their fault.  Though it is still in the running for worst routine ever on this show

Mitchell's solo is to John Mayer's "Say".  And it's impressive.  He stands on his one-legged developpe for an impressive amount of time

Jordan's solo is to Nadia Oh's "Hot Like Wow", presumably because we're supposed to acknowledge that Jordan is indeed "Hot Like Wow".  I get it, I'm just over her schtick. Her supposedly sexy shoulder shimmies shake her one-side fringed bra which gives her wow-factor a decidedly lopsided feel and then proceeds to basically prance instead of dance.  I was trying to be kind last night but the gold lame underpants are just too much for me to handle.  There's nothing that impressive about her solo.  I hope she's outie 5000 after this.

Tadd's solo is to Brian Setzer Orchestra's "Jump Jive and Wail".  If you were old enough to turn a radio dial in 1998, chances are, you might have given yourself some sort of partial lobotomy after hearing this song more than 5 times in one day.  It's an interesting choice for a breaker though and he still has impressive stuff.

Clarice's solo is to Christina Aguilera's Glam.  I still think Clarice is more talented than she showed last night.  I'd like to see her given a second chance.

Jess's solo is to Robbie William's Mr. Bojangles.  There really is something wonderful about watching him dance, I just wish he didn't feel the need to over-do it on the screen time.  We get it, you're "that guy" but like Gaga says best,  just dance Jess, just dance.

Miranda's solo is to Leona Lewis' version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and she is totally dancing for her life.  She opens with a gigantic leap and a forward, hands-free cartwheel.  She's taking it seriously and I think she most definitely should be sticking around.

Robert's solo is to Omarion's "Electric"  He pulls a bunch of stuff from the Michael Jackson playbook.

Lady Gaga is going to be a guest judge later on this year, so she has that going for her and they're premiering her new video for "Edge of Glory" aka one of the two songs I like from her, mainly because it has an extremely strong whiff of Bruce Springsteen about it, thanks to Clarence Clemons' sax and the angsty "us against the world" sensibility of the lyrics.  It's all Madonna outfits and Billy Jean setting but I can't deny it's compulsive sing-along-with-ability and Uh oh! They don't finish the whole video.  Somewhere little monsters put their paws up and roared out in horror at being cheated out of the entire video!  That's ok, I'm sure it was on Youtube either earlier today or about 30 seconds after Fox started airing it.

Calm down kids, here you go:

The Judges Decision and they're asking Mitchell and Robert to dance again, so I'm going to guess that the decision is between these two.  I have to say I think Robert tried to change it up a bit while Mitchell pretty much stuck with the same stuff.   Granted, it's a tough place to be put in, but that might have been part of the reasoning behind getting them to dance again too, just to see what they bring to the table.

Nigel insists on using nicknames and calls Jess "Jessie" several times.
They're not sending ANYONE home this week..WHAAATT?!?!  This is a competition people.  As retribution, two couples are going home next week.  Boo!  I hate these games.  I'm sorry if you guys spent time reading this update just to find out that no one went home.  But please, don't poke a stick in the messenger's bike.  I can't do anything but write down what's happened.

So there you have it, 10 more performances to look forward to next week and probably more interesting short shorts for Jordan to pull out of the wardrobe trunk.  If they put Robert in glasses again, I might very well cry.


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