SYTYCD- Top 16- The Show After

Good Wednesday evening everyone.  The warmth of the day is starting to release into a very pleasant evening in my neck of the suburbs.  I hope all of you are enjoying an equally gorgeous twilight.  I hope that mostly because, let's face it, how much despair can we So You Think You Can Dance fans muster?  We're reminded at the top of the show by Cat (in her faux bob and super-sequined sheath) that it was a BRUTAL quadruple elimination last week.  I'm still slightly stunned that Missy and Wadi are gone.  That's right.  I haven't even watched the results show to see how exactly that came to be; I just can't bring myself to bear that kind of pain.  I knew Iveta would be the end of Nick.  CURSES!!!  Anyway, we've all managed to make it through, relatively unscathed I'm assuming.  If you're injured, I'm sure Fox is just itching to start a new reality series called "So You Think You Can Sue".  As it stands, with the breeze blowing in through the screen, I'm relaxed and ready to get this show started.  Hopefully you are too.  Should I're set, ok, good.

The judges this evening:  Lil' C (he's working on a rap album), Mary, Nigel and Kristin Chenowith (she's working on a country album).  I should have titled this post "A Little Bit Country a Little Bit Rap n' Roll" but sometimes the inspiration just lags.

They've divided the remaining group in half and each group will perform one extra number, bringing the total dance count to 10 for this episode.

First up is Ryan, Marko, Tadd, Clarice, Miranda, Mitchell, Sasha, and Chris in a Tyce Diorio routine.  Song: Hit the Road Jack- Ray Charles
There are chairs, with lights on the bottom, being used as both seats and projectiles.  It's slightly worrisome, but everyone escapes with everything essential intact.  Marko's tumbling is ridiculously impressive at the end.

As a quick aside, I usually try to go through the commercials as quickly as possible, but if you have yet to see the "denim fashion" Huggies commercial, I think it's worth taking a look at.  I would say for "s***s n' giggles" but that seems terribly inappropriate for a diaper advertisement.  I mean if you're already reading this blog, you've got an extra 30 seconds to spare, no?  The ad is both tongue-in-cheek and kind of disturbing.  Plus, it's for DENIM DIAPERS.  If this was twitter, denim diapers would be hashtagged as #FirstWorldProblems.

The theme for the interviews this week is "What was your first performance?"  I hope next week's is "Which stuffed animal did you love the most when you were 4?"

Dance #2 (Couple # 01):
Couple: Sasha & Alexander
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Style: Contemporary
Theme: He's a piano player and she's the haunting memory of love lost "The piano keys represent the keys to his heart"-yes, that's a real quote
Song: Belong by the Cary Brothers

It's a great song choice with a really beautiful incorporation of the piano.  It's just solid work.  There wasn't any crazy lift or difficult partnering, but the timing was important and the punctuation moves were well executed.

The general consensus among the judges is that Sasha's awesome, Alexander is good, the dance was adequate bordering on impressive.

Dance #3 (Couple #02):
Couple: Caitlynn & Mitchell
Choreographer: Jean-Marc Genereux
Style: Samba
Theme: Hot, Spicy, Sexy, Butt-astic  "Your Hips are Speakers!!"
Song: Put It In a Love Song by Alicia Keys f/ Beyonce

The opening move and lift is great.  They sell it, they really do.  Mitchell is doing a fantastic job of partnering, for ballroom not being his main style.

The judges are LOVING it.

Dance #4 (couple #3)
Couple: Miranda & Robert
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Style: Broadway
Theme: A Classy Night Lady and her Musician Man
Song: It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got that Swing) from the Sophisticated Ladies soundtrack

There is a lot going on and some random changes in the tempo of the dance.  I think Robert is great at interpreting the character and this dance was more about character.  Miranda is fantastic as always and Tyce made the most of her extenstions.  This couple is trying really hard to become my third favorite couple behind Melanie & Marko and Sasha & Alexander.

Dance #5 (Couple 04)
Couple: Melanie & Marko
Choreographer: Napoleon & Tabitha
Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Theme: My Best Friend's Wedding- if Julia Roberts had gotten the guy
Song: I Got You by Leona Lewis

Is there anything these two can't do, seriously?!  They're amazing.  Everything is amazing.  And I got stupid 16-year-old girl chills when he kissed her.  I'm such a sucker.  Every time.  It's so good.  They should just kind of stop the competition now and give the next 6 weeks over to making these guys a 6-week finale, and then just call them both America's Favorite Pair.

The judges pretty much say the same thing.  They're a "power couple", they're "extra buck".  It's a re-watch for me.

Dance #6 (Couple #5)
Couple: Ashley & Chris
Choreographer: YES! Sonya Tayeh
Style: Jazz
Theme: Half Creepy/Zombie
Song: Lights Go Down by Telepathe

It's another character-based routine.  Let's face facts, the problem is that they went after Melanie & Marko.  Chris is really a great partner here.  And I think it looks like he's worked on the technical side too.  There's nothing outstanding as being terribly out of place.

Nigel thinks they were too technical.  And Mary starts talking as if this could be one of the bottom dances of the night.

Dance #7 (Couple 06)
Couple: Clarice & Jess
Choreographer: Jean-Marc Genereux
Style: Foxtrot
Theme: A crooner who decides to dance instead.  You got me
Song: Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

I really like this routine actually.  Jess' personality isn't distracting...or Clarice brought hers up, I'm not sure which.  But they worked really well this week and the scene where they traveled across stage with precision hands was just simplistic beauty.  Jess is so light on his feet it's almost textbook and borderline unbelievable.  He actually does display some Gene Kelly-ness in this one, and trust me, I never thought I'd write that.

Dance #8 (Couple 07)
Couple: Ryan & Ricky
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Style: Contemporary
Theme: Crumbling relationship
Song: With Every Heartbeat (acoustic) by Robyn

I just don't connect with Ryan for some reason.  I don't know what it is.  This dance is beautiful and the ribbon is difficult for sure.  Ricky's partnering is right there and Ryan's finishing every movement, but there's just something that didn't grab me about this routine despite everything.

Dance #9 (couple 08)
Couple: Jordan & Tadd
Choreographer: Napoleon & Tabitha
Style: Hip Hop
Theme: Just two wild & crazy college students bed hopping
Song: Memories by David Guetta f/ Kid Cudi

Jordan is out slightly out of her element here with hip hop.  I just don't think it's as impressive as last week's Sasha or Miranda's hip hop routines.  Tadd is crazy good and he picks up the slack in the routine.  

Dance #10 (group dance) Melanie, Jordan, Ashley, Caitlynn, Ricky, Jess, Robert and Alexander
Choreographer: Dee Capary
Song: Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

So that's it for the performance show.  If I'm guessing, Chris is going home for the guys and Ryan goes home for the girls.  I think the bottom three couples might be Ashley & Chris (for their creepy half-dead routine) Miranda & Robert and Ricky & Ryan.  This season is seriously difficult.  I think it might come down, for the next couple of weeks, just to who has a more appealing personality.  When the personality and the dance comes together (like it did for Jess and Mitchell tonight) it's really tough.  I love Robert & Miranda though, so I don't want to see either go home.  We'll find out in a mere 23 hours!

If I'm throwing out Youtube suggestions or internet viewing suggestions, I'd go with Melanie & Marko's and Jess & Clarice's.


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