SYTYCD-Viva Rock Your Socks Off Vegas Round

Sorry for the delay in So You Think You Can Dance posts; there were family obligations to attend to last week and they unfortunately did not allow for viewing, so I'm two nights/3 episodes behind, but since we're still in the audition rounds I'm ok with that.  My DVR luckily caught all of the auditions, and I'll go back and do quick re-caps (eventually, hopefully-I have a nasty habit of turning my procrastination into neglect), but for now, why linger in the past?  Let's move this competition onwards and upwards.  Since it's currently sweltering in my almost-stagnant apartment, it's appropriate that we're heading in to the (commercialized) desert to find the dancers who will go on; it also means that hopefully we don't have to put up with any more people who booty drop or crawl across the stage and say they were telling the story of a lovesick grasshopper.  However, these rounds also mean lots of tears and pulled hamstrings.  Honestly, I'm not sure which I prefer.  That being said (in my Oprah-iest of Oprah voices) YOU'RE GOING TO LAAASSSSS VEGASSSSS...

On the Panel for Vegas Week: Robin Antin, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe

The ones who make the cut each day will proceed through 5 choreography rounds:

Round 1: Hip Hop
Round 2: Broadway
Round 3: Ballroom
Round 4: Group
Round 5: Contemporary

But not before they perform solos once again, with the possibility of being cut before they even get to the  choreographed rounds.  Seems like kind of a waste of a ticket to me, but surely Rupert Murdoch has money to burn and some poor 19 year old having their dreams dashed before they make it to the group round is worth the 300.00 bucks I'm sure.  It's worth more perhaps, because it's Reality Television GOLD!!

I'm slightly tired of Yvetta.  She's been here twice and now she's pulled out the big guns. And yes, by "guns" I mean her boobs, dressing as a stripper cop

Next up is Unitard Marlon.  If he's one who made the cuts during city auditions, I'm wondering just how much of those I should go back and watch.

After 15, 7 are cut and Marlon certainly has something to say about the chop
A montage of tears

Uh Oh, I feel like the montage of sisterly love can only lead to upsetting things for one of them.  Shockingly, both of them make it through to the next round!  They're down to 114 dancers now, if you're keeping count, with 46 gone.

Napolean & Tabitha!!!  are choreographing the hip hop routine, so it might be amazing!
Adam says they're basically keeping China around because she's a "beautiful girl". Blah
The NappyTabs routine proves to much for some and now it's time for the second-chance hip hop round, with Yvetta and China and all of the second-timers are through

Round 2: Broadway with Tyce, where apparently, the girls role is "100% trash".  Tyce needs to write a book of quotes "You're filling in with LIFE!"
It seems like most people make it through Broadway round unscathed except for Five-Time Rebecca who the judges seem to have no sympathy for.  If you do it a sixth time Rebecca, dress like stripper cop.

Round 3: Jive with Jason Gilkison
Oy, another Ryan Ramirez montage.  Sooo tired of her.  And now it's time to have a chat about how fat girls can't dance because, well, because they're fat.  Poor Natalia.  But after making an example of her, they give her a stronger partner and she went through!  Alexis Mason (Janine's sister) gets a chance to dance for her life when Rebecca didn't. Curious.  Does So You Think You Can Dance give legacy privileges?

Round 4: GROUP ROUND- get out your claws, because the fur's about to fly!
Natalia is down for the count.  Her group is talking about how they're not a complete group without her and wouldn't perform without her.  Hate to break it to you, but those dancers are going to dance no matter who's on the line.

This is the first time we get names with faces:
Group 1: Bridget, Caitlynn, Ricky, Clarice and Wadi perform to some vaguely 60s music that I couldn't find the name of.  They are the most harmonious group, so harmonious they might have ridden in on Unicorns and the judges love them!

I love that Nigel keeps harping on the fact that Natalia is "overweight".  She's "knocking down walls and barriers" and although Nigel probably means it in the best way possible, it make her sound a lot like Juggernaut from the X-Men.  Get over it Nigel!  I could have told you years ago that you don't have to be a size 2 to dance.  It's just the spandex that's a real bitch.

Round 5: Contemporary- with Travis Wall
Ryan Ramirez is down with some sort of tailbone pain.  That's no good.  I didn't want that.  Oh injuries, the killer of dancer's dreams.  Natalia is also headed to the hospital, with low blood sugar. Ryan's back and she's through.  Along with a bunch of other people who are sobbing their body weight in tears.  Arielle looks like she's about to have a nervous breakdown, or she's auditioning for the role of crazy Mrs. Rochester who burns down the house.  Jeremiah is far too emotional for me.  DC doesn't want to go home, he doesn't want to go home and Debbie Allen verbally smacks the truth in to him and tells him to "MAN UP!"

It's the final day and that means one final solo
They make Natalia stand up there and tell everyone how it feels to be the bigger girl in classes, and everyone sheds a tear.  Several more make the cut, but it's not the final cut.  That will wait for tomorrow night, if you can wait that long, unfortunately my psychic powers are waning, I have to wait for sleep to recharge them, or I would tell you who the Top 20 will be.  As it stands, we'll leave the hopefuls to their penthouse shennanigans and I'll meet whoever is still reading, back here tomorrow night.  Well, not here, like with me, unless you're one of my roommates, just the generic here, like the rest stop on the Internet SuperHighway.

Songs included in this episode:
Queen- Keep Yourself Alive
Chicago Soundtrack-When You're Good To Mama (Yvetta)
Nicki Minaj-Fly
Adele-Rumour Has It
Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne-Look At Me Now
Fosse Soundtrack- I Gotcha
Oh Land- Sun of a Gun
Elvis- Blue Suede Shoes, but it seems like it's a re-mix
David Lanz- Variations on a Theme from Pachelbel's Canon in D Major
Young the Giant-My Body
Bruno Mars-Grenade
Plan B-Welcome to Hell
Vitamin String Quartet- Yellow
Michael Andrews -Mad World
The Temptations- I Wish It Would Rain
Requiem for a Dream soundtrack- Lux Aeterna


 I should apologize if I thoroughly confused any of you.  The last track has been changed.  Alexis Mason's final solo was done to "Lux Aeterna" from the soundtrack for the movie Requiem for a Dream.  If you'd like to listen to it in its entirety just to make certain, you can listen here:

Also, there's another great website for So You Think You Can Dance fans here: Pure So You Think You Can Dance

Check them out, but hopefully keep coming back for my witty banter!


nikkia said…
what song did Alexis Mason dance to in the final solo round in Vegas week?
Sufficientcynic said…
Hi! I just edited some of the previous post, but the quick answer to your question is "Lux Aeterna" from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. Sorry for any confusion, hope this helps!
nikkia said…
Thanks so much

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