Pulling in to Procrastination Station-SYTYCD Top 7

So I should be cleaning my room like I told myself I would do.  But it's So You Think You Can Dance night and I got back later than I thought I would.  I've had the show permanently paused on Cat Deeley's vaguely kimono inspired dress (a clear step down from the last couple of weeks, come on Cat) for roughly 20 minutes while I finished dinner.  I get far too distracted when I have more than two things going on.  But I'm settled now.

In case you didn't know, last week, Miranda and Robert bid adieu.  I give that a big boo.  I can't understand what Ryan is still doing here.  But as it stands, much like the forgotten food from my freezer that I rescued from Frigidaire purgatory for dinner, I'll have to make do with things as they currently stand.  Alright, time to release Cat Deeley from her frozen paused pose and kick off our shoes.

The set-up will be similar to last week's, and I'm guessing it will be this way until we get down to the Top 10, when the couples will start doing 2 pieces each.  For now, we're going with 2 group numbers and 7 individual couple numbers.

Judges: Tonight's panel is filled with Mary, Nigel, Travis Wall, and Carmen Electra.  Yes, that Carmen Electra.  I like how Cat grills her about her dancing credentials to make everyone aware that, yes, she knows her jetees from her pirouettes.  People must still be reeling from Robin Antin.

One of the group numbers is first and this week, they've separated it by gender.  The remaining boys will be doing a contemporary piece.

Dance #1 (group)
Choreographer: Justin Giles
Style: Contemporary
Theme: 7 stages of grief with each guy representing a different stage
Song: Prague by Damien Rice

I'm growing slightly tired of the "girls are the beasts and the boys are struggling to keep up" theme this season.  Most of the guys look really strong on this one.  It's not that surprising since most are contemporary dancers by trade.  Chris has some timing problems in the beginning.  I think his nerves were causing him some anticipation problems.  Relax Chris, lots of guys experience that (sorry, I know that's an old joke, but I just couldn't resist).  I'm really beginning to love Tadd, by the way.  Marko get's a prime spot in the middle, as "anger".  There's no need to pimp him.  I think we all know he's at least in the Top 5.  Overall, it's solid, and I liked, for the theme, how it was choreographed with each guy receiving the same amount of the spotlight, well mostly.

Dance #2 (Couple 1)
Couple: Melanie & Marko
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Style: Jazz
Theme: Sounds a lot like Romeo & Juliet
Song: Americano by Lady Gaga

There's something slightly Abba about this Gaga song.  I'm distracted by all the ruffles.  It's fun and energetic.  The judges love it and Mary renames Marko the "Domination Man" presumably because of the barchested suspenders.

Dance #3 (Couple 2)
Couple: Sasha & Alexander
Choreographer: Shaun Evaristo
Style: Hip Hop
Theme: First Date First Base
Song: To The Moon by Miguel

Alexander doesn't hit very hard for hip hop.  Every move has a very polished soft feel, but he holds on pretty well.  At the same time Sasha is the kind of girl who can go into a hands-free cartwheel and land on one foot and still hold on.  But the judges start ripping on the routine.  Once one of the boo bears gets invited to the picnic, they all start arriving, although Travis is the one holdout who says he "liked" it.  Not a huge endorsement.

Dance #4 (Couple 3)
Couple: Jordan & Tadd
Choreographer: Toni Redpath
Style: Waltz
Theme: Sirens-the Grasshoppers of the Underwater World
Song: Nocturne (Secret Garden)

Unlike Ryan, who still hasn't proven more to me, Jordan has been at least climbing very slowly out of my "least favorite" circle of reality dance television hell.  Tadd's just awesome.  He has such great finishing moves for a breaker.

Dance #5 (Couple 4)
Couple: Clarice & Jess
Choreographer: Justin Giles
Style: Contemporary
Theme: The end of a relationship.  I feel bad, I think Justin might have had an emotional run-in lately
Song: Light Through the Branches by Celeste Lear

I feel like the only thing keeping this from being called lyrical hip hop is that it's not to a Ne-Yo song.  Jess is right when he uses the word "intricate".   It's a beautiful routine and this couple just keeps getting better.  I'm increasingly impressed with how much I actually like Jess as a dancer.  I have to say, I think he's second strongest on the boys' side right behind Marko.  It is my favorite routine of the night so far.  And much like the audience and the judges, let's all pretend to ignore the fact that Travis just said "sexual chemistry".

Dance #6 (Couple 5)
Couple: Ashley & Chris
Choreographer: Liz Lira
Style: Salsa
Theme: Sexy Speedy Salsa
Song: Mambo Beat by Tito Puente

I was really nervous, but I think that Chris just totally went for it.  I don't think that the judges are entirely fair in their opinions on this routine as they virtually tear it up and glue it back together just so they can tear it up again.

Dance #7 (Couple 6)
Couple: Ricky & Ryan
Choreographer: Chucky Klapow
Style: Jazz
Theme: Cult of Fashion!!
Song: Fashion by David Bowie (OBVIOUSLY)

Is it so wrong of me that I think it's not entirely fair that someone who has already worked with Mia Michaels and gotten paid to be an ensemble dancer in House isn't really the most amateur of dancers?  I mean I'm sure she's better than I am, but, whoa, she almost fell out of her pirouette though.  There's something very Rocky Horror about this routine.  They're pimping out this couple tonight.  They want to remind you that RYAN NEEDS TO BE HERE.  I'll admit that I was jealous that Nigel thought of the phrase "zombie Zoolander" before I did.

Dance #8 (Couple 7)
Couple: Caitlynn & Mitchell
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Style: Contemporary
Theme: Falling in Love
Song: To Love You More by Celine Dion....seriously

The lifts are actually impressive and live up to the hype.  Really well done and the pimp slot of the night is deserved for this routine.  Everything comes together here.  Despite the overly dramatic nature of La Dion, this routine just flows so beautifully.  It's the one here tonight that can legitimately be called eloquent.  Also, the assisted lift he does where he basically helps her do a roundoff and land in a split is timed gorgeously and is so impressive because it looks so effortless.  I can't imagine what that took.

Dance #9  (Group routine 2)
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Style: Jazz
Theme: Basically like Stuntman Mike from Deathproof except replace the car with dancing and the man with 7 girls
Song: My Discarded Men by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat (I couldn't find the remix quickly enough, so this is just Eartha Kitt's version)

It was so fun and slinky and the judges can't comment on it anyway, but it's worth a Youtube viewing if you can find it.

I might try to do my nighttime rankings and here goes:

Mitchell & Caitlynn
Clarice & Jess
Marko & Melenie
Ryan & Ricky
Jordan & Tadd
Sasha & Alexander (I hate doing this)
Ashley & Chris

I'm thinking Ryan and Chris might go home.  So far they've all been already paired couples who have gone home.  It's about time to see what happens when you break the couples up.


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