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Life is mostly made up of the right combination of luck and inspiration.  When you're lucky enough to get the right inspiration, usually, good things happen or perhaps a little bit more of the world is revealed to you.  When I run across something and I think, "hmmm...I should look in to that" and I then proceed to ignore this notion, it never fails that I'll run through the next several weeks in a slump, desperate for something new and interesting to reveal itself.  When that same initial source once again shows up in my life, I try to take advantage and pay attention this time.
So it happened with Serge Gainsbourg.  I had seen the preview for the movie about his life several months ago and thought to myself "huh, I kind of want to listen to some of his stuff".  I'm currently listening to one of his first releases, "Du Chant A La Une!" and, even if you don't speak French (let's face facts, despite my actual degree, my fluency could be called in to question) the music doesn't need to be translated.  It's a mix of genres, mostly jazz based, sounding like something that Dean Martin would have recorded, with even more of a winking nature, if he had been French.  Why do the French inherently just seem cooler than the rest of the world?  I've never been able to really answer this question, but it is the reason I started taking French in high school.  Ok, there was another reason I started taking French, but I don't talk about him anymore.  Anyway, here's the film preview to perhaps pique your interest.  :

And then, perhaps, you'll want to give the album a listen
If this doesn't make you want to run down the beaches of Marseilles in a polka-dot bikini and then later that night sip champagne on an outdoor patio while debating the merits of Monet and Manet, I'm not sure what will.  Then again, maybe you feel like that every day.


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