Record Club

So I'm not sure if I've talked about Record Club out loud (i.e. on the internet) before, but if not, consider this your introduction.  We're just a small group of co-workers who are constantly looking for new and old interesting sounds.  We've tended to stay towards the obvious for this first round of records, but hopefully, we'll be expanding our reach soon.  If you want to check out the records, or see some of the "reviews",
Check us out HERE

It's in a constant state of updating, so there will be more stuff added and more albums shared, but I'd love to hear thoughts or suggestions.  Feedback is always helpful, well almost always.  As long as its not a comment from one of those weird "I'm a 26year old fmle who married the mn of hr drmz" spambots.  Those are decidedly NOT helpful.


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