Top 5- Saturday 8-27-11

5. Fringe- It's time to come to grips with the fact that summer is almost over.  I'm having a tough time with it.  But there are things to look forward to.  I'll never be the person that lists "cooler mornings" and "sweaters" as things to look forward to in fall.  Every time someone says that I just want to stare them down and say "REALLY?!" But I'll acknowledge that fall tv is exciting to me (I know, I know, don't worry, I'm working on getting a life) and while Dr. Who's return (Tonight on BBC America) is a DVR staple, I love Fringe beyond explanation.  It started out being that show that just happened to have Pacey Witter in it, and over three seasons has become something of a metaphysical mystery of television.  It's engaging, smart, and the cast is BRILLIANT.  I've already said it but John Noble as Walter Bishop really is one of the most brilliant characters on television, certainly now, maybe ever.

4. This song:

3. Adding to the Amazon Wish List. 

2.  John Grant's Queen of Denmark- There's something old and something new, and something altogether engaging about this album, I feel like.  Some of the musical arrangements are reminscent of 70s piano pop (Abba and Elton, etc) but the lyrics are cutting and intelligent and filled with accessible references.  Some of it takes you by surprise and can't help but leave a smile on your face. 

1.Hurricane Irene- Duh.  Any time there's a natural disaster, 24 hour news reports, regional freakouts, it's always going to be the first thing on everyone's minds.  Despite the fact that most of us have seen something similar to this at least once in our lifetimes, seeing bread aisles literally emptied is hilarious, annoying and predictable all at the same time.  My personal favorites are always the people that get sent out to report on the storm. 
Sometimes it looks like THIS
It SHOULD look like THIS
But of course, when there are other humans involved, it looks like THIS

So go ahead, hunker down, get your books, your flashlights, your canned goods, your batteries (which hopefully you bought last week in a some sort of precognitive state) and your bottled water (although I hear all that's left in the markets is Perrier) and make your hurricane playlist. Just try not to be one of those guys that ends up on Youtube because you thought it'd be a good idea to go surfing in a hurricane.  It's going to be a bumpy couple of days.


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