I've Got a Pitbull Now

I know that this is a hotly contested debate, but I've always stood firm on the fact that the best of the Back to the Future installments is its second entry, aptly titled Back to the Future Pt. II.  The first one is great.  I'm not taking away from it.  It gets huge points for featuring "Power of Love" and for, generally, being an awesome addition to 80s pop culture.  However, the second installment upped the ante.  We finally got to go TO the future, not only an important aspect of the space-time contiuum, but a necessary journey if the title was to continue to hold any weight.  The future was chock full of interesting things, but let's face facts, there were two standouts on Marty's jaunt and it was, of course, the hoverboard and the awesome Nike shoes.  Now, I may never get to see a hoverboard, and even if it does come around, my coordination and balance might not be tops by the time I'm 40, but there is some very exciting news from the world of shoes that has me so giddy that even a trip over water on a powerless hoverboard couldn't dampen my spirits.

First there's this, to whet your appetite:

And then there's THIS ARTICLE from Yahoo that speaks of an invite-only event (GOD, I wish I had been there!!) and an automatic-lacing technology patent by Nike.  Every other article pretty much says the same thing, but all I know is that I would LOVE to own a pair of these, I mean is there anyone out there who wouldn't?!?! Sure it seems like we're falling down the nostalgia hole once again, but is it really nostalgia if they were supposed to be from the future?  I'll leave you with that thought to ponder.  And if you're going to succeed in wrestling this shoe off of a shelf or by cutting the person in front of the Nike store who's been camped out for days, you'll probably want to take a Pitbull with you.  Not the hoverboard, the dog.  I'm still waiting for my auto-dry jacket though.


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