Random Thoughts: Halloween Week

I haven't posted in a while.  It's a combination of many things, mostly me feeling that whatever is going through my head is unfit for posting on this blog.  I mean what is this, an online journal?  If it was, I can guarantee you there'd be a ton more things scratched out (although it'd probably be only boys' names) But since I feel like I have to write something (sometimes I just get that way.  I'd like to think that it means that writing is important enough for me that I can't go that long without exercising that creative muscle, but I fear it probably just means that I like the sound of my own typing) this blog is about to get another digitized version of verbal hodgepodge.  Feel free to stop reading if it gets too boring (you can even stop now if you need, I commend you for getting this far).

Top 5 of Week of 10/30-11/4 (yeah it's not a full week, but hasn't there already been enough happening?)

#5: The (sometimes) nameless Autumn Nor'Easter:
I'm sure almost everything that could have been said, has been said, online, on the news, on Twitter (which, weirdly, counts as news now anyway) but a genuine whopper of a storm smashed Connecticut, knocking out power for most of the week.  It started early Saturday afternoon (come on meteorologists get it together, there's no reason that you couldn't pinpoint a time the closer everything got) and snowed straight through until early Sunday morning.  It's odd how, despite the knowledge that weather/nature itself is a volatile, fickle part of the environment, we're all really quite upset when it defies our self-imposed logic.  It's not supposed to snow in October, but it did; and it didn't just snow.  If this had been January, I'm positive that this would have been a full-blown blizzard warning with a more defined pre-snow population freak out.  As it stands, this was a nameless bully waiting in an alley that roughed us up and then bolted right before the cops showed up.  Although I have heard rumors that they've finally decided on calling this storm "Alfred".  I wish I was the person paid to think up storm names

#4: It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's A New...Bedspread:
Yes, I still call them bedspreads even though they all have fancy names now: Comforters, Duvets, Quilts, whatever your choice of phrasing, they're the things that are essentially the focal point of your bedroom.  And I've found, that, over a long period of time, they can have an, even if unacknowledged, effect on your daily outlook.  Being the indecisive person that I am, I've been through many by this point in my life.  The first one I remember having was my "Rainbow Brite" one.  I was obsessed.  Stuffed Sprites and nightgowns were not enough, not for this girl.  No, I needed the bedspread, the dust  ruffle (seriously, why were dust ruffles ever invented?!) the shams, the pillowcases and the curtains.  Then I went through my "Spot" the dog phase, then my celestial phase (that was quite awful now that I think about it.  All dark navy and gold).  As I grew up, I went for the cleaner but still colorful look of a "4-patch" comforter (and yes, before you ask, I painted each wall in my room one of the colors, bless my parents for their patience) and then came college.  Through most of it, I had this odd grey-blue-with-palm-trees-island-esque one, with a red matching fleece blanket and then I decided that I needed lighter and cleaner in my life.  First a mint green duvet, that I then covered with white & grey print before moving on to completely white.  I thought I could pull off the "all-white" bedroom look.  "All-White" is classy, it's chic, it's pulled together, and unfortunately, it's not meant for girls who get highlighter and juice stains on said white comforter.  In essence, I'm only halfway classy and chic.  I'm also half scattered and colorful (as I like to consider myself...not one comment from anyone disputing this) so hence I treated myself, as a way of warding off Seasonal Affective Disorder, a new quilt.  It's lovely and from Antropologie (since I'm in a name dropping mood.  See, classy, like I said)

#3: Halloween
I don't know why, and I can't explain it, but I'm not really a "Halloween" kind of girl.  I mean I went out on Halloween like every kid and my parents tried for a while, but by the time I was in high school, the mystique was gone.  I wasn't in to scary movies, I didn't like the hassle of trying to think of someone else to be, mostly because I have a difficult enough time figuring out who I really want to be, and I guess, all in all, I prefer other holidays more.  But we live in a world where Halloween exists pretty much all the time and most especially in the months of September and October.  I keep thinking every year will be the year that I care more, but it hasn't really happened yet.  Although prep work did include a trip to Salem, MA last weekend, which was pretty interesting.  However, I give kudos to people who can really get in the spirit and there are several in my life that do.  This year's costumes I was surrounded by included a "Redbox" kind of like a Tardis, but red and delivering DVDs insteand of DRS and companions, a homemade "Beaker" which came out awesome and an Alien homage complete with a stuffed Chestburster.  Afterwards I decided the Chestburster was too good of a prop to waste and since sometimes I pretend I'm a photographer I took some "portraits".  This is a favorite:                     

#2: Fall Television:
Despite the fact that The World Series provided us with a ton of great moments, it will still be remembered by me as the series that pushed Fringe back a week.  I'm obsessed this has been documented, so I won't go any further in to detail about it.  I've even successfully hooked my parents, although that isn't really the most difficult of tasks.  But other favorite shows have had great showings so far in the fall.  My (pretty strictly regimented) schedule is as follows:
Monday-Castle (If you say you're not charmed by Nathan Fillion, you're a liar)
Tuesday- Glee (mostly because of this)/ The New Girl (despite its sometimes awful, awful cheesy factor)
Wednesday-Survivor/ BBC America Dramaville (This series its Whitechapel, but if you haven't seen Luther, and you're a fan of THE WIRE, please, as they say, get on top of that)
Thursday-The Vampire Diaries (yes, this is the entry where all of my dirty, little, not-so-secrets come out)
Friday-Fringe (I'm seriously considering naming my child either Olivia or Peter)
My DVR is scheduled for Grimm too.  Once Upon A Time is intriguing but the fairy tale sections are so overwrought with dramatic costumes and not-quite-there effects that I was taken aback for a moment, but it's growing on me.  American Horror Story is just too much for me, although serious accolades to Dylan McDermott for just turning 50 and having abs like that.  So there you have it.  I realize that this probably means I'm terribly plugged in and that I'll be on the first ship to outerspace once Wall-E is in charge of cleaning up our planet, but let me assure you, it's really not that serious.  This is just the odd melange of things that I think channels should take notice of, instead of putting everything on the chopping block if it doesn't appease the entire U.S. within a two week stint.  If you have suggestions of anything I'm missing out on, let me know, although I'd have to switch the schedule around a bit....

#1:  Books that I don't find a job
About two weeks ago, I posed the question "Do you trudge through a book just for the sake of saying you've finished it, even if you kind of hate every page, or do you put it down?"  I'm one of those people that usually refuses to give up.  I won't give in to anything, arguments, workouts, all-you-can-eat buffets, but I just finally found myself tapping out (I don't think I'm fully qualified to use that term, but I'm keeping it in there) of a novel.  And then I picked up another one, and I realized, ok, maybe I do have certain standards and certain types of novels that I'm constantly drawn to.  I suppose that's the best thing about getting older, finally recognizing that, in this whole world, a world that's filled with so many options that, more often than not, your brain is at best overwhelmed, at worst, completely jumbled and jammed, that when your instincts are telling you "kick it to the curb" just listen.  There's something else out there that will grab your attention, and, as I'm almost certain will be the case with this book, break your heart.  I guess ultimately I fall under the "I'd rather feel something than nothing" category.  


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