SYTYCD 9.5 -Atlanta-Happy Robot Hugs

Well it's time for our weekly dance therapy session.  This week, we're in Atlanta, and lining those oh-so-comfortable ergonomic judges chairs are Debbie Allen, Mary Murphy and Nigel.

First up, is Audrey from Oklahoma.  She has, perhaps unfortunately, decided to reveal that her special talents are squeaking from her shoulder and the ability to lick her elbows.  Why anyone would need to know this, is slightly confounding, but she's young, and her extensions are impressive.  Her routine rides the fine line of innocence and slink, but she seems goofier as opposed to taking herself too seriously.  She's got a ticket to Vegas, even though I don't think she can walk through the casinos un-chaperoned.

Next up, is, for all intents and purposes, a crew, named Dragon House.  Right now, the three guys are living in what used to be known as bohemian communal heaven and what is now known as sharing a house with 10 other people because that's where you can afford rent.  Yay recession!
Boris is up first- He's a performer and that's all you can say.  When someone's got it, they've got         it.  My only question is whether or not he can do more than the slo-mo pop & lock.  He's straight through, and Nigel hugs him.  I'll certainly be curious to see how his Vegas week goes.

Cat's back in a feathered coat.  I want her closet, always.

Joshua Alexander is up next.  His contemporary routine is kind of a beautiful blend of everything.  They let his song go almost all the way through before simply standing up and handing him a ticket.

There's a quick montage of 3 dancers, who shall, apparently remain nameless, but who we'll be introduced to in Vegas, and one of whom looks like Joshua Alexander's friend.

Tim Conkel is a karate instructor.  This is at least the second guy with a martial arts background to be featured in these audition rounds, correct?  He has a creepy Selena Gomez backpack that I'm sure smells of trying too hard on the inside.  I cringe every time he mentions the backpack as "her".  His breaking is much stronger than any of the dancing transitions.  Nigel says the same thing, so I always feel vindicated by hearing someone who pays himself to judge others agree with me.  Debbie talks briefly about meeting him in an alley at midnight, and they make him show off his ballet moves before deciding on choreography or Vegas.  It's pretty awful ballet, but he's through to Vegas, I hope this pays off.

Up next is Jackson Alvarez and despite his somewhat impressive hip hop routine, what Nigel requests is that he get his "wobble" on.  He calls it a line dance, so the good news is, I might be better prepared for that wedding I'm going to next weekend!

Janelle is a Palestinian belly dancer from Alabama, I'm pretty sure that gets you a college scholarship.  She belly dances at nursing homes, and, honestly, I'm glad that she's giving back to the community and all, but that just seems creepy.  Especially since old men get a pass for being creepy all the time once they're in a home, or once they're in a judges chair.

Danielle Dominguez has a bacon eating montage.  I'm serious.  I'm so glad we have two hours to fill when bacon eating montages are included.  WHO had to sit and edit that?! Oh also, her mother graces us with a cheer.  I feel like her contemporary stands out and I kind of like her.  And she's going straight to Vegas.

Next up is another member of the Dragon House, Andre. He's almost strictly pop and lock, but his musicality is fantastic.  He's picked a great song, full of robotic noises and what sounds like a factory assembly line autotuned.  He's straight through to Vegas and there are Dragon House celebrations all around

Finally it's Cyrus' turn and I have to say, he seems like the most joyful of the trio.  His routine is slightly less serious, but the talent is there just as it was with the other two.  After receiving his ticket to Vegas, he gives Nigel the happiest robot hug I've ever witnessed.

Nigel and Jackson are both through along with 13 others that we have no idea who they are yet.

Song List:
Opening Montage (Awww...I miss Melanie, and Marko) The Cranberries-Dreams
Audrey Case's audition-Bette Midler-Do You Wanna Dance
Joshua Alexander's audition-Alicia Keys-If I Ain't Got You
"Beating The Odds" montage-Kelly Clarkson- Stronger
Tim Conkel's audition-Maroon 5-Moves Like Jagger
Jackson Alvarez's audition-C&C Music Factory-Everybody Dance Now
Danielle Dominguez's audition- Oh Land- Numb
Andre Rucker's audition-Excision & Datsik- Invaderz


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