SYTYCD 9.12- New To You -the Mia Michaels Consignment Tribute Show

I don't know how it happened.  I don't know how it happened that I went two full weeks without seeing a new episode of So You Think You Can Dance, and in its third and returning week, I wasn't able to watch the show THAT NIGHT.  All I can say to the world and the three people who read this and who are probably related to me somehow (well technically, we're all probably related if you go back far enough) is...sorry.  But I'm here tonight, DVR prepped, so if you've already watched it, reading this will be like watching it all over again, without all of those annoying EVO commercials!

So, right off the bat, I'm slightly uncertain about this episode for three reasons:

1. It's a Mia Michaels tribute episode, which sounds incredibly awesome at first, but let's think about it. I mean who doesn't love pretty much every routine she's done for this show, but at the same time, we're seeing our favorite routines, routines that have become Youtube staples for lifting us out of our moody ruts.  They feature most of the favorite dancers from each season, so most fans of the show are attached to them in some way and watching these routines tonight is tantamount to watching a Goonies remake with Justin Bieber in the Josh Brolin role.  It's just...somehow...not entirely right, or entirely fair to these season's dancers.  Well, so say I.  Just for full disclosure, the videos in this post will be of the ORIGINAL routines.  The ones for the present season of dancers will be available shortly, if they're not already on Youtube.

2. Cat has chosen a Heidi-esque braid (which she can totally carry off, but which must be carefully paired with its outfit) and some frock that looks like a combination of 1985 curtains and a scraps of construction paper around the neckline and hem.  I don't know what's going on.  Cat can carry off most anything, but this looks like something that earned its designer a "tonight you're OUT" from Project Runway.  I just say this because Cat is gorgeous and is usually such a stickler for fashion.

3. The two judges tonight, are brand new.  Any time it's a debut judge, the familiarity has to be established and the criticisms are nonsensical.  I mean I hope these guys can make it work, but again, I'm hesitant.

That being said, tonight's judges are Nigel, Mary and "The BalletBoyz" (their words, not mine) Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt.  Oh, also in the Olympic interim, Napoleon and Tabitha had their baby.

So, on to the beginning of the show.  The only brand new routine we'll get tonight is the group routine as the intro performance.

Song: Active Child
Artist: Hanging On
Choreographer: Mia Michaels (duh, people)
Theme: What a Gothic Downton Abbey Cirque Du Soleil performance should look like.

There's a lot of intense angst, some kissing, some roses, the men are in tuxes, most of the women are in gowns, there's so much going on, and I can't see any of the dancers, so I can't really comment on much, but I can say that I was, generally, impressed with it.

Couple #1: Cyrus & Eliana
Previous Mia Routine: Twitch & Katee's Door routine

Song: "Mercy" by Duffy

Nigel likes that Cyrus brings something new to a routine that's already been done and thinks that Eliana is super strong.  Mary pretty much mirrors these comments as do the BalletBoyz who are pretty much just excited to be there.

Couple #2: George & Tiffany
Previous Mia Michael's routine: Joshua & Katee's separate paths routine

Song: "Hometown Glory" by Adele

Is it odd that I feel like I still don't know Tiffany that well? I'm excited though because I think George will be AMAZING.  They don't disappoint.  I feel like this is a more polished version of that original routine.  Everything is just a little higher and crisper, and the only real difference in comparison is that Katee's face was just slightly more emotional than Tiffany's.  Mary's attempted pun on Mia's "I hope they murder this routine" quote is painful, but she loves the routine.  Michael likes the energy  between the two.  Nigel thinks that this is George's best routine.  Billy doesn't get a chance to speak.

Couple #3: Will & Amelia
Previous Mia Michael's routine: The oh-so-French feeling Randi and Evan derriere dance (or the butt dance)

Song: "Koop Island Blues" by Koop

It makes me miss Evan.  He was amazing.  I'm intrigued to see how a seemingly much taller Will can handle the routine and if it changes up the feel of it.  It totally does.  Will adds in some Charlie Chaplin head bobbles, which automatically throw me off. The charm of the original routine was that Evan was so short and felt like an innocent, hapless guy who was lucky to be getting close to the girl.  This feels a little more menacing.  A little less cheeky, a little more pervy. And leave it to Nigel to bring the perve factor to a 9.5.  Nigel thinks that Amelia didn't bring enough character.  Mary liked it and Billy says he thought it was strong and musical.

Couple #4 :Janelle & Dareian
Previous Mia Michael's routine: Kherington & Twitch's bed dance

Song: "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" by John Mayer

I feel like it's not entirely appropriate that Janelle says that her 8-year relationship is "feeling a little rocky" and that they stopped talking 3 days ago.  That feels like something that only your 400 Facebook friends should know, not the entire country.  But maybe it helps her relate to the material more.  Holy crap, Dareian's leap off the bed, is awesome, there is some serious air there, his one-armed turn/b-boy move is also impressive.  Dareian is just so strong in this that I didn't really pay attention to Janelle.
Michael says "everyone talks about this bed piece".  I love the idea that somewhere when choreographers gather, the water cooler conversation isn't Mad Men, but pieces that people have seen.  Oh no, and we have our first Party Foul from Billy who calls Twitch, Titch.  I actually yelled "oh nooo".  Nigel thinks Dareian finally got his personality across and says that Janelle wasn't given a lot to do.  Mary didn't feel the passion that the original had.

Couple #5: Matt & Audrey
Previous Mia Michael's routine: Lacey & Neil's "time" piece aka the routine Mia choreographed for her father's passing

Song: "Time" by Billy Porter

Despite the fact that Mary is practically unable to speak, she thought that Matt didn't bring the passion that Neil brought.  Billy thought thought that there were too many moments for Matthew of when he showed the concentration and not the performance on his face.  Nigel is also harsh on Matthew, which is unfair.  This was a completely tough routine to take on.  It's so personal and since he was the comparison, not the original, it was never going to be easy.

Couple #6: Whitney & Cheon
Previous Mia Michael's routine: Travis & Heidi's bench routine

Song: "Calling You" by Celine Dion

I just shouted "NOOOO" at the screen.  I'm not entirely comfortable with this choice.  It's such a male-heavy piece that Cheon will basically have to be perfect and he tries, but he's just not Travis.  I feel like he just doesn't have the raw-ness to his movements that he should; there's too much polish or that's how I describe it.  Just a completely different vibe.  Nigel thinks that the passion came across, Mary loved it too, but tells Cheon to let it go a little more and tells Whitney that she was fearless.  Michael offers Chehon a job on the spot, which I kind of think he was auditioning for anyway.  I didn't love it as much as they did.

Couple #7: Lindsay and Cole
Previous Mia Michael's routine: YES!  Judging from the costumes I think it's the Kayla & Kupono "Addiction" piece.

Song: "Gravity" by Sarah Bareilles

It's odd. I remember not thinking particularly much of Kayla or Kupono during Season 5, but this dance, oh my god, this piece was astounding.  This is one that I come back to every now and then.  Something about these two when they did it was mesmerizing.  I'm actually excited because I think Lindsay and Cole can pull this off.  Cole has to be absolutely menacing though, not theatrical menacing, like gut wrenching menacing and Lindsay has to, as Mary told Cheon "let it go". But I think for this routine, this is the right couple.  God, Cole is so good.  This is my favorite routine of the night.  I think it actually MIGHT have been better, just because Cole brought such a level of sheer, robotic fear.  I'm so glad that now I have this video that i can watch on Youtube, at some point.  It's a 3-peat rewind for me.
Billy thought their versatility was great. Mary thinks it's the best of the night too.  Nigel says Cole "scared the sh*t out of him" with a bleep assistance from Fox.

It's time to round up the usual suspects.  That's right eliminations are just a commercial break or two away.


Girls:                              Boys:
Eliana                              Cyrus
Tiffany                             Will
Audrey                            Cheon
Whitney                           Cole  

In Danger:

Girls:                               Boys:
Amelia                           George
Janelle                            Dareian
Lindsay                          Matthew

Ugh, I hate this, I'm not sure how this happened.  My guess, before the solos is that George and Amelia get saved, but I'd like to see Lindsay in the top 10, she's far more versatile than either of the other two girls, I think.

Amelia-makes a brilliant song choice with "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once
Janelle- performs to "Inta Omri" by Elie Attieri and although she is a great belly dancer, at this point in the competition, I think it's going to be tough to move on with such a niche performance
Lindsay-performs to "Hip Hip Chin Chin" by Club de Belugas-her hot pink dress and heels make her legs look like they're about a mile and a half long. She's a seriously great dancer, and I do feel like she wanted it more than Janelle or Amelia, we'll see.

George- performs to "So Long Lonesome" by Explosions in the Sky-I don't think there's anything he can't do, but the routine doesn't seem as urgent as I think he needs it to be.
Dareian-performs to "It's a Man's Man's World" sung by Joshua Ledet-this routine is really impressive, I mean it looks like he really is dancing for his life, and he might just pull it off.
Matthew-performs to "Delicate" by Damien Rice-this might actually be the better of the contemporary solos, but I'm still not sure it's as good as Dareian's.  I guess it depends on what the choreographers have said and who they think will benefit the most from staying.

This week the Judges are saving:  Lindsay (YES!!!) and George (Sweet!)

In case you didn't catch it, the "you're going home now watch what you've done montage" was done to American Idol's own (I know it's shocking for a Fox show to pimp out their other shows) Haley Reinhart's "Free" for the girls and "Counting On You" from Mikey Wax (I can honestly say that's one of the strangest music videos I've ever seen).

Oh I feel so bad for Dareian, he's much more emotional than Matthew.  This is a bummer.  I'm sorry, I don't understand how Dareian and Matthew go home before Will or Cyrus, or even Chehon.  So this was a weak-sauce show this week.  It was kind of like watching a re-run, since they were all routines we've seen before and 4 good dancers (2 great dancers) went home.  So far the best part about this season is Cole...I honestly don't know if I can think of a better part of this season than him.


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