In Your Eyes and other Goodness

If you were a teenager in the 80s (or a teenage girl EVER) and witnessed Lloyd Dobler standing in a trench coat in the dawn light holding a boom box (yes, when actual boom boxes existed) outside of Diane Court's bedroom window, then you were probably left with a couple of life lessons.  The first being that the perfect man does exist and he's John Cusack; you've probably seen every one of his movies for his special brand of quirky charm since that moment.  Another lesson being that Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" is on a shortlist for one of the best songs ever written, or at least one of the most emotionally evocative songs ever written.  It's synonymous with that moment and I praise all of the deities that people may believe in for the fact that Cameron Crowe's first choice, Billy Idol's "To Be A Lover" didn't make the cut.  If you want to witness what could have very well been a heinous mistake or want to imagine that this would have made the scene better (I'll stop you right here, because you're wrong) but you can watch the video below:

Long story short, every single time "In Your Eyes" comes on anywhere that I personally control the volume (aka my Ipod, my car radio, etc) I turn it up and re-live my vicarious high school days (which of course never really existed because Say Anything and all of the other 80s teen movies are NOT accurate representations of high school, it bummingly turns out).

Knowing all of this, a cover has been released by a new artist named Banks
I'll be honest and let you know I haven't listened to any of her other stuff, but covering Peter Gabriel's classic is a good way to get your foot in the door, so I'll probably check out some more of it. 
Take a Listen here:

I think my personal favorite version that Peter Gabriel has done came while he was doing his "New Blood" tour.  I'm a sucker for a good string section though:

Along those lines, this tour also featured a pretty great version of "Don't Give Up" featuring Ane Brune.  Since I can't find an official video version, if you'd like to watch the generic shaky cam video from audience dude/lady, you can check that out HERE


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