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Paris Pt. 1-What You Need

It's been an almost distractingly long time since I've posted.  In my defense, I do have an excuse.  Or several excuses (I learned to always have backups through my teenage years).  Mostly I was busy procrastinating, putting off procrastinating, telling myself I wasn't anxious when I was, hoping that things would turn out the way they were supposed to, planning and packing.  That's pretty much what I do for any international flight, and probably why I haven't been better about getting my passport stamped in the last four years, but that was changing this year, I was determined.  Or at least determined to procrastinate about it.

Before I even delve into the specifics of what you'll need FOR your trip, before you can even PLAN your trip, don't forget to either get a passport or renew your passport for international travel.  The looming expiration date (2013) of mine is part of what pushed me to travel one last time with this little guy.

Now you can get an id…

Sleigh Bells-Port Chester 10-6-12

It had been far too long since I'd been to a show, or a show like this at least, where General Admission means standing, dancing, and participation is mandatory.  It felt good, although I worry that my nearly 30 is beginning to show.  Sleigh Bells is a band with seriously fantastic energy, so if you get a chance, I would suggest you check them out as well.

Required Viewing-Half The Sky

Half the Sky, a documentary about the oppression of women, just aired the first night of its 2-night run on PBS (the second part will air Tues Oct 2nd at 9pm-you can find additional air times on your local PBS affiliate, as it was one of their Independent Lens series).  As an American woman, it's easy to take the every day things for granted.  Most of us go to work, or take care of our kids, are able to check Facebook on the smartphones we pay for and are able to come home and complain about having to cook an entire meal out of the food that could feed a family for a week in other parts of the world, and it's so very easy to be distracted and forget that out in the world, at that moment, some girl is being trafficked across a border to be forced to live a life none of us can imagine.  Remembering all of that is overwhelming, so it's easier to forget and move on to the things we can control.  Reliant on a discussion about the heavy issues (genital mutilation, sex traffickin…