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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There's a reason I still love having tangible, paper books.  No, it's not the extra weight in my purse or that I think I look cooler when I'm reading an actual book, turning actual pages in public places (alright, yes, it's a little bit that reason) but I love feeling connected to the words on a page.  I like knowing that I can highlight and write in margins and leave my very own, albeit small, mark in a better, more inspiring piece of work.  I like the thought that my notes and ideas and the quotes that I love will now, forever, if you use pen, be a part of the work.  And now, my copy of Cloud Atlas is branded for life as my own.  I'm pretty pleased about this.
In an odd turn of events, last night I happened to see Midnight In Paris, a film that I would consider a film for writers.  In much the same way, this is a book for writers.  It's equal parts inspiring and jealousy-inducing and it's rich and velve…


I would never qualify myself as a Woody Allen fan.  I respect his writing and his neuroses honesty, I appreciate his dedication to consistently trying to come up with new ideas, but on the whole, I have only really seen 3 of his movies that I can think of.  Maybe only 2 and a half at that.  In fact, now that I've just looked up his repertoire on IMDB, I can really only claim to have seen AnnieHall and Hannah And Her Sisters.  I'll admit, this is a shortcoming of mine.  Once someone finally sat me down to watch Annie Hall, I was impressed; when I heard Max Von Sydow utter the line "If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he'd never stop throwing up" I was jealous.  Perhaps this is why I don't watch more Woody Allen, the inherent, bitter pill that's a home grown cocktail of jealousy and inadequacy.  It's hard to feel like you still want to write when you sometimes wonder if all the good lines have already been written.  That said, Mi…

Top 5- Saturday 8-27-11

5. Fringe- It's time to come to grips with the fact that summer is almost over.  I'm having a tough time with it.  But there are things to look forward to.  I'll never be the person that lists "cooler mornings" and "sweaters" as things to look forward to in fall.  Every time someone says that I just want to stare them down and say "REALLY?!" But I'll acknowledge that fall tv is exciting to me (I know, I know, don't worry, I'm working on getting a life) and while Dr. Who's return (Tonight on BBC America) is a DVR staple, I love Fringe beyond explanation.  It started out being that show that just happened to have Pacey Witter in it, and over three seasons has become something of a metaphysical mystery of television.  It's engaging, smart, and the cast is BRILLIANT.  I've already said it but John Noble as Walter Bishop really is one of the most brilliant characters on television, certainly now, maybe ever.

4. This song:


Top 5

 Top 5 for 8/18/2011

1. Making dinner instead of buying it

2. Edamame

3. Minneapolis-Dear Minnesota, why do you have to have such freaking cold winters?  Minneapolis seems like it would be such an amazing town.  Maybe I'll visit next summer.

4.Thinking I Can Dance

5. Robin Hood

Top 5 for 8/17/2011

1. Becoming an appraiser

2. Estate Sales/Garage Sales/Re-Purposing Anything

3. Borders- one of the few remaining of the actual stores in the Trumbull Mall.  I bought this book.  Hopefully soon I'll be posting up some of the recipes I attempt to make

4. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

5. Learning to draw Botanical Art

A Dance With Dragons

This post contains spoilers, they're not that terrible, I tried to keep them brief, but talking about a book like this, it's tough to be completely spoiler-free.  Sorry in advance, but I've given you a 2-sentence warning.  If you're reading the post from this point on, don't say I didn't give you full disclosure ahead of time.

I'll start off by saying this.  My review is one short of five mainly because I'm angry.  I'm angry at the things that happened, I'm angry about the characters that are still wandering around Westeros with nary a mention of them, and I'm angry that I have to wait for the next installment.  I am indeed in a foul mood.  That being said, the sheer fact that I care enough to be that angry, that I'm invested enough in characters to commence crying, is a testament to Martin's storytelling.  It's also going to be a great struggle to walk the fine line of illustrating the high points of the book without giving too…


I came in this morning and saw that Norris had gotten a start on Working (Out) For the Weekend.  He's great at push ups but has real problems with that bendable right knee.  Have a good weekend everyone

Get With It

I was originally going to title this post "obsessions" but that makes me sound creepy-weird instead of just quirky.  I'll acknowledge being quirky, but not creepy.  I stopped being creepy the summer between high school and college.  With that understood, I just wanted to do a quick post on the three songs that I've been listening to (almost exclusively) for the last week and a half.  I don't know why.  Asking why would be like asking "Who glued all these quarters to the floor?" except that that question had a defined answer.  I suppose it'd be more like asking "what's with you today?"  Oh how I will always love you Empire Records.  I was really trying to wait this out, to see if it warranted a post, but I can't stop listening to these things, so maybe this will act as some sort of intervention. You may hate them, you may love them, you might not care at all about any of them, but maybe, just maybe, you'll find something you lik…

Record Club

So I'm not sure if I've talked about Record Club out loud (i.e. on the internet) before, but if not, consider this your introduction.  We're just a small group of co-workers who are constantly looking for new and old interesting sounds.  We've tended to stay towards the obvious for this first round of records, but hopefully, we'll be expanding our reach soon.  If you want to check out the records, or see some of the "reviews",
Check us out HERE

It's in a constant state of updating, so there will be more stuff added and more albums shared, but I'd love to hear thoughts or suggestions.  Feedback is always helpful, well almost always.  As long as its not a comment from one of those weird "I'm a 26year old fmle who married the mn of hr drmz" spambots.  Those are decidedly NOT helpful.

The Apes Also Rise

I'd like to say a couple of things to set the scene for my mindset going into this movie.  First, I remember seeing this trailer for the first time and then thinking "REALLY?!?! This looks terrible.  I will most certainly NOT be seeing this movie".  Secondly, on the Friday that I went to see this after work I was so beleaguered that when the young man at the ticket counter said "Next person" and I walked up, I said "One ticket for Planet Of ...I mean Rising Planet" and he said "I know what you mean" and I said "Thanks" in an embarrassed, but not overly embarrassed fashion.  I say this because I think that it illustrates the two key problems with this film: that it's based on a franchise that I'm still curious as to why it has yet to die out and the title is slightly ridiculous.  This second reasoning could just be me.
I was thoroughly prepared to ignore this film as I have other films this summer (you won't fool me aga…

Hip Cat

Life is mostly made up of the right combination of luck and inspiration.  When you're lucky enough to get the right inspiration, usually, good things happen or perhaps a little bit more of the world is revealed to you.  When I run across something and I think, "hmmm...I should look in to that" and I then proceed to ignore this notion, it never fails that I'll run through the next several weeks in a slump, desperate for something new and interesting to reveal itself.  When that same initial source once again shows up in my life, I try to take advantage and pay attention this time.
So it happened with Serge Gainsbourg.  I had seen the preview for the movie about his life several months ago and thought to myself "huh, I kind of want to listen to some of his stuff".  I'm currently listening to one of his first releases, "Du Chant A La Une!" and, even if you don't speak French (let's face facts, despite my actual degree, my fluency could be…