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It Must Be Something With the Moon

*Editor's Note*  If you read this post before you saw this amendment added to it, I apologize because apparently, in my overwhelming excitement over the Harry Potter trailer, I forgot to actually EMBED that video into this post, and so that third paragraph must have seemed highly confusing.  Although I do like The Streets song quite a bit, the video is hardly anything to elicit three views.  I've hopefully changed this, and added the trailer for your viewing pleasure.  Sorry to have been so confusing and seemingly completely weird.

I've been completely neglectful of my blog as of late.  If there are people who look forward to reading my ramblings, I apologize.  It's been a crazy kind of month, and especially odd in the last week or so.  There's a sort of writer's block that has taken hold of my brain, but it's odd in the sense that I can't really figure out if there's too much that I want to write about or too little that I want to write about.  It…

Two Trains Leave Chicago at the Same Time

Source Code's Equation Equals an Entertaining Ride

Just last year, there was another train-related film released called Unstoppable.  Do not confuse these two movies.  While Unstoppable was highly entertaining at the basic popcorn-movie level, Source Code has a much deeper subtext and a much more substantial plot than even I expected.  And the odd thing is, it weirdly coincided with conversations I had been having in real life.  I get completely creeped when coincidences like that happen.
I had just recently been discussing the fact that I pretty much dropped out of science after my AP Chem class in high school.  I took advanced biology senior year, but let's face facts, I had gone about as deeply down the science rabbit hole as I was willing to go at 17.  Yes, unfortunately, I am one of those severely right-brained people who scoffed (in reality was too afraid of failing or being killed by) calculus and physics and so here I am, at 28, just now beginning to understand some of …

Paul, Or The Movie that Reminds me Why Spielberg is Amazing

Granted, this is late getting out, very late.  So late, in fact, that if you read this post and think to yourself, "Yes, I should definitely see this movie" you might want to check to make sure that your local multiplex is still having showings and haven't turned their theater over to be the 4th one screening Scream 4 for the weekend.  But sometimes tardy is the way life goes.  All that being said, if you're a fan of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, buddy movies, Spielberg movies, alien movies or pop culture in general you've hopefully already seen Paul.  If you haven't, for shame, immediately open a new tab in this browser window, go to your Netflix account and for crying out loud, put it on your queue, although, in all honesty, I'm saying this as a fan of all of the above.
Paul is hands-down the first movie that I've actually wanted to see in 2011.  I'm not sure if I'm actually getting pickier or if the picking…

Because it's sunny

Today feels like the first day of spring for some reason.  We've managed to have decent weather in March, but it did seem unseasonably cold for a while.  And then it was just gray for the last five days.  It was literally nothing but gray.  It wasn't even warm or cold just well, blah.  The sun finally has broken through. It's April and it's about to break 60 degrees and tomorrow is my birthday.  We're living in exciting times people!  On my way back from seeing Jane Eyre, I opened my sunroof and rolled the windows down and my Ipod offered up this suggestion.  It had been a while since I'd listened to Frightened Rabbit, but their show in October in NYC was a highlight of the last quarter of 2010, so I took it, and listened about two more times and realized it is indeed the most perfect first day of spring song, for some reason.  If you can think of a better one, I take your challenge, and feel free to post them.  Until then, just click this, listen, and feel fr…

The National Theatre's (and Mary Shelley's) Captivating Frankenstein

On the cusp of my 28th birthday, I decided to give myself a present.  After reading a very small article from a source that is now irretrievable from my memory bank, I realized that The National Theatre in London would be putting on a new production of Frankenstein.  Actually, even though you didn't get to witness it first hand, let me recount the last few moments where I looked on my Facebook page (thanks Mark Zuckerberg for that moment by moment chronicling of my life feature), found the original post and recalled that it was on March 2nd and from  I would hate for someone not to get the credit they deserved in this post.  So there I was, reading, seeing a fantastic looking trailer, and suddenly things kept getting better and better.  The play was directed by Danny Boyle (what?!) it was starring Jonny Lee Miller (YES! I've loved him since Hackers!) AND Benedict Cumberbatch (theater gods, have you been reading my mind or pulling Inception-like stunts to make my…

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Just in case you're preparing like I am for the 15 minute preview of Game of Thrones on Sunday on HBO, here's a little something to keep as a reminder.

Entertainment Weekly, who thankfully seems to be backing this adaptation, therefore raising it's profile, and hopefully it's popularity (and let's face it, popularity and ratings are what guarantee further seasons) currently has about 46 production stills up.

THIS LINK goes to the most recent 10 character intro photos


THIS LINK goes to the previous 36 photos, which you may or may not have seen.
Bonus points in the imaginary game I have running in my head go to you if  you can guess my favorite photo.  Unfortunately your bonus points will probably not be able to be validated since A) it's an imaginary game and B) you may not be close enough for me to take out for a drink/coffee.  However, if you do live close enough, perhaps a chai latte will be yours all yours for a correct guess.

Don't forget to tune in t…

Please Play At A Theater Near Me

I'm always excited about trailers.  Sometimes they're the best part of the movies, let's face facts (especially when the movie is Transformers 2).  More often than not, I rest on my laurels about getting the word out about trailers, mostly because we're more than likely going to have the trailers for the major movies engraved on the back of our eyelids for a period of time ranging from three weeks to two months.  I wouldn't need to let people know that Scream 4 is coming out, because Dimension's doing the heavy lifting for me.  Other times, it seems like IMDB takes some trailers and puts it in their very own hidden stash of awesome, and you have to root around like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve to try and find them.  Although to be fair, I've never found a really good trailer in my mother's closet so their hiding spots are a little better I suppose.

Anyway, here are a couple of trailers for movies that I hope will make it over to a theater that's at…