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Addicted to Pop

Coming out of SXSW (yeah, I know I'm late on this) BOY sounds like the German poppier version of what I would imagine the baby between Feist and Sarah Bareilles would sound like.  I'll probably be listening to this on repeat for the next...oh 16 hours or so:

Coachella Hangover

If you're like me, you were too poor, ill-prepared and lacking in vacation days to make it to Coachella, the "IT" music festival of the last couple of years.  Sure, if you were hip and cool enough you MIGHT have run into Alexander Skarsgard or Kate Bosworth, or any of the Disney-owned teens and teenettes in their best hobo/boho Cali chic outfits. But if you had a slightly less exciting, though still wonderful weekend spent in the breezy, not-quite springtime warm East Coast, then you might be wishing you could see some of the live streams.  Luckily we live in a world where technology has granted many of our wishes, not the least of which is capturing live musical festivals.

One of the acts I would have made a must-see is Vampire Weekend (who'll be releasing their new album May 14th) So, if you're anything like me, here ya go.  Happy Tuesday and dreams of Indio til next year!

Another Must See would have been Passion Pit: