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Beautiful Creatures

It's going to be impossible not to compare this to Twilight, as it's now virtually impossible to differentiate any Young Adult Novels from the original Big Three of Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight.  However, I thought here, the casting was fun, not to mention, intriguing (who casts Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson without some expectation of them bringing class to the role) and the cinematography and production design combined to make a thoroughly watchable, if predictable film.  Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert are as charismatic as a studio bent on telling the supernatural girl meets down-home boy story will allow them to be and there's promise in both of these newcomers (unsurprising for Englert especially, given that her mom is Jane Campion) and, as a non-book reader, I will say I actually did get caught up in the story, enough to be surprised.  The majority of the film though is, essentially as the title tells you, beautiful people looking beautiful in gorgeo…

Summer Nostalgia

When I was younger, alright, when I was of age to be technically considered a child (although I personally feel I was never really a child, just an old soul who was having fun doing childish things) I went to summer day camp at the YMCA.  Now, day camp was about as much as I could possibly handle at the time.  I've never necessarily been the first person to jump to mind when the term "outdoors-y" is thrown around, nor did I aspire to submit to daily tick checks; however, day camp was great.  Arts & crafts abounded, brown bag lunches encouraged and enough Vitamin-D gained through exposure to sunlight to ensure that I didn't have to get checked for Rickets, all of which was fine by me.
I guess with the onset of summer and some pretty large life changes roaming just there on the horizon, I've been getting a tad nostalgic for the times when my biggest worry was not being able to tie-dye a t-shirt to make it look exactly like the ones you could buy.  So in no par…

Jim & Jimmy Lip Sync

So John Krasinski (Jim Halpert on The Office aka the most adorable co-worker of all time) was on Jimmy Fallon two nights ago.  I should have watched it.  I would have, had I known something this amazing would happen.  I've watched this video probably 12 times in the ensuing hours, and I probably will listen to it about 150 more in the next three days.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

and just for fun, here are the Youtube links to the videos of the songs featured in the Lip Sync Battle:

Melissa Manchester:Don't Cry Out Loud the best part of this video is the "Disney" logo.  It's a pretty heavy song for the Mouse Ears Channel, no? Oh and the creepy clowns
Katy Perry: Teenage Dream
Das Efx: They Want EFX
Run DMC: Peter Piper
Sam Harris: Somewhere Over the Rainbow you should watch it for his blazer alone
Boyz II Men: I'll Make Love To You