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what just happened

April 26th & 27th.
Considering that this week could at best be described as intense, we got an even later start than usual, not leaving until 5:00. We just wanted to have a relaxed Saturday, so we headed to a coffee shop known as Mocha, and the sign says it features “coffee and conversations”. It’s pretty accurate. There was a whole set up outside with individual tables and relaxing areas, and the cricket match between the Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkatta Knight Riders (the team owned by Shah Rukh Kahn) was on. The home team Chennai Super Kings ended up winning. We headed upstairs where we sat on the balcony. There was a giant wooden swing and some couches and we all enjoyed the most delightful shakes yet. I ordered the Snickers Shake, which was described as a snicker bar you can drink. Again, the description was not only accurate, but the shake was delicious. After the coffee shop we headed to an American diner. That’s right you read this correctly. Sparky’s, as i…

check check check check it out

There are a couple of other things to note, besides what is written below. This weekend was the start of IPL or Indian Premier League matches in cricket. This is something entirely new for cricket, it’s a whole new style of playing in a way.

Indian Premier League is basically the best players from around the world divided into, I believe 10 teams, all based in major cities in India. And instead of playing a normal match, which is 50 overs, and can go on for 8 hours, in IPL there are only 20 overs played, and that shortens the match by about half, making it only 4 hours. It’s been an absolutely huge event here. They’ve also decided, for the first time to have cheerleaders for the cricket teams, which is something basically unheard of before. An even bigger deal is that the cheerleaders are all from foreign countries. One of the teams actually brought over the Washington Redskins cheerleaders. And every team has a celebrity spokesperson. It’s amazing.

Speaking of celebrities, there’s re…

April 19 & 20-The Missing Weekend

Sorry I haven’t written in about a week, this entry will be extra long, in fact, I’ll probably break it out into 2 entries, one for last weekend (April 19 & 20) and one for this weekend (April 26 & 27).

So here’s what happened last weekend. Saturday, was quiet, as most of our Saturdays are. If given different circumstances, most of us, since we arrive home around 4:30 am, would probably choose to sleep until at least 3:00pm, and that would be getting up early. Luckily, being in a whole new country tends to give a new perception on just how much sleep a body can survive on. So around 2:00 (I know it still sounds late, but don’t forget that includes shower and prep time) we headed out to a music store. Tony had initially not been feeling well, but as soon as he had a guitar in his hand I told him it looked like his heart light had returned. Man I miss the Care Bears sometime, but not those weird Care Bear Cousins. The Cousins remind me of the initial phase of ani…

New Photos on

Hey everyone, the title of the blog is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you're interested, there are a couple of new photos, and more to follow tomorrow, you should be able to click the link below, or go to and search "pics by riss" any problems, let me know, please!
Tomorrow we're heading to Pondicherry, a former French colony, and since it's 1:25 am here, I should go to bed, seeing as we're leaving in 5 hours. In the immortal words of Shahir, if you want to know more about Pondicherry, "Wikipedia it!" :-)

how to get revenge on pesky bosses

Please check out the following link, it's too good not to pass on to the masses!,23599,23560115-13762,00.html
Tony getting blessed by Lola...she's already collected her rupee, so fair trade!

First Awesome Weekend

So this weekend, although it was officially the third weekend, it was really only the first weekend where any of us were capable of staying up more than three hours consecutively, so a nice full Saturday and Sunday were planned, and I must say executed quite successfully. (You can't see it, but I'm patting myself on the back right now).

Although the remnants of our somewhat brutal 7pm to 4 am shift were still marring the beginning of the day, by about 3:30 we were up and at 'em. Our driver met us at the hotel entrance, I'm really finding it difficult to become accostomed to saying "our driver". I feel like I should be at least southern, or at the very least Jessica Tandy, to have a driver, but I digress. We headed out in the opposite direction from the way we usually start and ended up at a store called Nalli. We walked in and were quickly ushered into the store, and shown everything, until Rachel showed up, then she set things straight. She…

I'm Staying!!

Seriously, if the best that America can do is kick Michael Johns off of American Idol while Kristy Lee Cook is still there (who can ONLY sing ridiculous patriotic songs!) I'm staying in India!! Does no one remember how she butchered the Beatles? John Lennon is still rolling over in his grave, if you're very quiet late at night you can hear him (Kristy Lee Must Go!)

Anywho, on another note, thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. It was indeed a very special day for me, and I appreciated everyone who took part in it. They even got me 2 cakes yesterday in class...2 CAKES!! I've never had that many before so it was a very good birthday, thanks again...

Here are some of the first photos...I hope this works...

This is the view outside of Joe's room. It's closer to the road than my room, so he gets all of the honking and excitement. I went out on his balcony one day and across the street there is this clothesline, and on the next roof over a boy was practicing cricket and answering calls on his cell phone.

India Week 1

So it's the end of the first week here, and everything has been just a bit crazy.

I will tell you this, if you're ever flying, do yourself a favor and fly business class, it's like an entire world that I've never known before. There are 2 meals served per flight, at least if you're flying over the Atlantic Ocean. There is one flight attendant, at the very least, just for your section, and the entertainment is pretty top-notch. I call it top notch when I get to play old-school Tetris for an hour. I also call it top-notch when there is a free amenities bag that's navy canvas with a classy logo waiting for me at my seat. It had a toothbrush and socks and an eye mask, and since I'm all about the swag, I totally grabbed that! I still feel like I'm stealing though, even if I know it's paid for, so I snuck it into my purse when nobody was looking, like that woman at an all-you-can eat buffet who's sneaking all the cookies into a napkin and trying to t…