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2012 films 11-20

Everyone can finally relax! I think I've settled on an order for my Top 10 films of 2012. There are only two certainties that can be said for the year that was 2012 in film:  For every fan of one film there was at least one detractor and it was, on the whole, the best year we've seen in a very long time.  For me, there were more hits than misses, leading to a messy, eraser and scribble filled clash with my inner voice as to which should make the final Top 10 slots.  I hate leaving things out that deserve attention though.  For the next 10 days or so (hopefully) there'll be a new review of my Top 10 films in ascending order (aka starting with 10) but to kick things off, I figured I would put up an overview of the year that was, beginning with the movies that made the list of great films of the year, just not my personal 10 picks.

Best Surprise: A tie between 21 Jump Street and Wreck-It Ralph
Three I Wish I'd Seen In Theaters
            -Anna Karenina
            -The Pe…