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Because It's Happy The Social Network Day!!

Everyone should see this at least once:

For the full list of tracks, you can click here and scroll towards the bottom of the page.  You can also catch another embedded video of the Jimmy Fallon/Glee Emmy Opener, AKA the moment I realized I didn't have enough Bruce Springsteen in my life

Online Yard Sale Pt. 2

So here's a bunch more stuff that I'm looking forward to getting rid of.  First is my list of books that I'm willing to part with for free, if someone is willing to give them a good home.  I'll include the Amazon link, which will probably provide a better description, or at least a summary.  Then I'll just post pictures of the clothing items that you can take a look at.  Since this is mostly for people who know me, I'm extremely flexible on most prices.  I'm only going to leave this post up for maybe 3 or 4 days, depending on how lazy I feel this week, but since it was requested (by at least one person) I'm putting my ebay preview up.  Hope you enjoy!


Murder at the National Cathedral- Margaret Truman
Definitely Dead-Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse novel)
Club Dead-Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse novel)
Blast From The Past- Ben Elton
Maggie By The Book-Kasey Michaels
Maggie Needs an Alibi-Kasey Michaels
White Oleander-Janet Fitch
Faithless-Joyce C…

So You Think You Can Download that Playlist

Top 9 Perform:

Artist Song Title
N.E.R.D f/ Nelly Furtado Hot-N-Fun 
Florence + the Machine Cosmic Love
Amanda Blank Something Bigger, Something Better
James BrownSuperBad
D.L.G Magdalena, Mi Amor
Jay Sean Down (candlelight remix) However, because I can't stand any remix under the "Candlelight" category (yack!)  I'm including that actual song, which for my purposes I personally feel much more likely to dance to.  I will say I actually legitimately like this song, I can't explain it, but the video is an easy 8.5 on the hilarious scale (WHY is there a light in his index finger, like some hip hop Harry Potter?): Jay Sean                                                  Down  Planet of the Apes Sdtk Rule the Planet (this is the Paul Oakenfold remix)
Debra (Debbie ) GibsonLet Me Entertain You (this is from the film adaptation with Natalie Wood)-the Debra Gibson version is from her album "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album) Crookers f/ Roisin Murphy Royal T Christi…

Book #9-Catching Fire

The fire that was ready to rage at the end of the first book seems to have died to smoking embers at the beginning of this second installment.  Katniss, Peeta and the audience all pick up right where the train dropped us off, in a District 12 that, despite the distraction of the Capitol's celebrations for its victors, remains, on the whole unchanged.  Katniss is hunting, with little else to take up her time, Peeta is baking and painting, Haymitch is still drinking, and things are familiar; perhaps not good, but at least familiar.

This monotony is where the book drags for me.  Perhaps I'm just on the journey enough to feel the lag of this beginning.  Maybe the high provided by the first book needed to have the drop of the beginning of this second book to make what follows possible.  For me, as the first book seemed to hit the ground running, it, in my mind laid a blueprint, and though the end of this second installment almost runs up to meet you and push you off of yet, another…