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Taj Mahal

-Behind the Taj Mahal
-The Main Attraction
-Street Vendor

This is...the Amazing Race

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day in the states and partook in the delicacies of hot dogs, burgers, and booze! Man, I hate to admit that those sound delicious, but just thinking about a hot dog and cold beer at a baseball stadium makes me ready to hop a plane for a moment! But let's face it, there's nothing for me to complain about.

I'm sorry to one-up you guys, and I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging, but I will for a moment. While you guys were BBQ-ing all things delicious, Jamie and Jessica and I were getting minimal to no sleep and jet-setting our way around the subcontinent. That's right, this weekend, although I couldn't see Indiana Jones 4, to keep my tears at bay, we made our way to Delhi and Agra and spent Saturday at the Taj Mahal.

It's just as unbelievable and indescribable as you would think. Seeing a sight like that for the first time is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad that I was there, and even better …

Sorry for the Delay

So I have to be quick, my internet time is about to run out and I want to be sure to ge this post up. First of all, for anyone out there reading this, and waiting for new posts...thank you so much. It makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy, and a little self-righteous, I can't lie to know that people are interested in what I'm writing and what's going on, so thanks for being awesome..seriously.

This will be the fastest blog ever, and I apologize. Since the last post:

Joe and Tony have left
Mike is about to leave
Jessica and Jamie have arrived
I do miss home, but India is still amazing
I, as yet, have not gotten to a cricket match, but hopefully the tide will turn and this weekend we'll get to see some IPL action. Hopefully the Chennai team will get into the semi-finals of the tournament!
The Theosophical Society (it's on Wikipedia...I promise) Is an absolutely amazing place...something like the combination of the Garden of Eden and Oz...and there were actual…

Pondibazar and such

So this weekend, we again, sort of wasted away, not entirely, I mean we had high hopes. We at least did get to Pondibazar, a well known street market in Chennai. It was indeed crowded, and I was told that crowd that we witnessed then was nothing compared to festival times. I can't even imagine. Everything was pretty cheap, and I definitely enjoyed shopping in some place other than an air-conditioned store. Something felt much more like an "experience". Man I'm sure that read as really cheesy, but I can't help it. It's difficult wanting to explore a place, and yet knowing all the time you're just a tourist, and realizing there is such a great difference between living and experiencing a place, and just visiting. I think I've decided as much as I love to travel, I hate to feel like I'm always visiting, something about the impending departure that doesn't allow everything to be as absorbed as it should be.

So Pondibazar was intense, and …

finally some good news

I just thought that every other Aries out there would like to know what might be happening in their life, courtesy of the daily astrology website that I'm registered with. I also really like that they address it specifically to me!:

Dear Marissa,
Saturn, the slow moving planet of karma and taskmaster of the zodiac, goes direct on May 2, 2008 at 8:07pm, PDT, ushering in an incredible period of possibilities and gifts.
Saturn commands us to get to work, and to work hard. Discipline and responsibility are important to this planet. So if you have been honest, responsible and hard working, gifts and rewards are coming your way! It could be a lucky break, a well-deserved raise at work or dreams you had given up, suddenly handed to you. However, if we have been shirking our responsibility or have been deceitful, then we will be found out and dealt with accordingly.
Saturn reinforces responsibility, carrying your share of the load and being held accountable for what you say or do -- or say y…