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2012 Movie Reviews: Top 10

I kept thinking that this year would slow down.  That I'd have a chance to do a much more in-depth review for each of my favorite films from 2012, but 2013 has had some tricks up its sleeves and I've barely had time to cook meals much less write anything valuable.  But this post has continued circling around the back of my brain, unable and unwilling to be swept under any corner of either of my brain's hemisphere's, so forgive the brevity, but I just need to get this written, and out there.  Feel free to agree or disagree, because, by now, if you care about movies, you've probably seen all of these...twice.

10. I've already gone well beyond my mark of hopefully having my Top 10 listed day-by-day in the 10 days leading up to Oscar, but if there's one thing I know it's that I am the laziest writer ever when there's no deadline.  So now that the Oscars have already aired (as of this past Sunday) the pressure is off.  First up in my Top 10 of '12, …