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SYTYCD-The Heat Is On & The Flowers Are in Your Hair-ep.1/ep. 2

It's that time of year again people!! And I couldn't be more excited to be honest.  The fall shows are wrapping and evenings in the summer tend to be lazy and what better way to be lazy than by watching other people dance and listening to (usually) good music?!  Ever since American Idol jumped the shark (even I came to grips with the fact that that really happened in Season 7 and Season 8 was just the settling of the storm) I needed to find a reality show to replace it and So You Think You Can Dance has been it.  Survivor is the default show, but luckily, they have opposite schedules, so it's a win-win for me.  I can only handle one reality show on my viewing schedule.  If I watched more than one, I'd both ruin my faith in humanity and ruin my possibility of sanity, so I cut my losses.  I'm going to try to keep these short and concise, at least for the audition rounds and only focus on the serious dancers, I can already say that I'm not certain the former stri…

Television Finales Op Ed-Glee Style

Is Glee having a case of the Terrible Twos?  I'm torn over my overall reaction to Season 2 but before I work this out by writing this out, let's jump back in time
Now, jump off your Hoverboard
2 years ago, probably almost to the day, the performance episode of the American Idol season finale was airing and Kris Allen was getting ready to surprise a very vocal, very angry group of Adam Lambert fans by taking the crown that year.  It had been a pretty good evening over on Idol, back when Simon was still stewing in that last seat.  But it was what came on next that I was actually even more, if that's possible, excited about.  For several weeks by that point Fox had been airing TV spots and previews about a show featuring what seemed to be the Bad News Bears of show choirs.  I was beyond excited and although a solid 60% of that excitement was due to the a cappella version of "Don't Stop Believing" that has now become synonymous with the series the other 40% of th…

In Case You're Interested-Podcast Reminder

So, in case there are people out there interested, I thought I should update a bit as to why my blogging has been so haphazard lately.  It's mostly because of this new HBO series Game of Thrones.  If you enjoy reading in general, or, more specifically, like fantasy series, and no one has yet been kind enough to point you in the direction of The Song of Fire and Ice series, let me be the first to do so.  Go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your local bookshop, if you're still lucky enough to have a charming one of those, and at least get the first book.  If you don't like it by the end of that book, you're never going to like the series.  I, personally love it.

 HBO has been kind enough to grant us obsessive fans a series that, as of now, still seems to bring the best of the books to life.  In addition to having a strict viewing schedule, I also am lucky enough to be part of a podcast (with some of my other friends who are fans) about said series.  The podcast is jus…

Random Discussion Starter

So, I know that this is one of those timely topics that seems to pop up out of nowhere and now with the internet providing us with enough social networking to basically have a story broadcast within seconds, gets everyone involved quickly, only to fizzle out later, but there's still an important aspect worth discussing in it.  But if you haven't heard of James Tate yet, first, read the story HERE.
I'll fully admit that this early in the game, and it is still relatively early since it only happened Friday (although 4 days, including the weekend, is the equivalent of 6 weeks in human Internet years) it's possible that not all of the facts have been disseminated.  It's possible that there's something that the masses are unaware of, but the truth is, that doesn't really matter anymore.  What matters is the story being told through  the near-rabid online community and that story boils down to this:  The kid got creative about asking his date to prom and now he …