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A Woman Defends The Oscars

I realize that in this day and age, everyone with an opinion has a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone that makes the dissemination of their opinion far too easy.  That's why I have a blog.  I also realize that some people (including, or perhaps especially those being paid by online magazines/journals/blogs) are contrary just to gain more views for their publication.  After all, more views means more ads and more recognition, which means there's a possibility of finally getting that more pay, which will most likely go to upgrading said laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Heck, more often than not in a debate, I play the Devil's Advocate because it starts out as being more fun.  Debates are only fun if there's an opposing, passionate exchange, or maybe that's just me harboring overly-romanticized notions of what constitutes a debate. In case you were wondering, the comments pages of any online article or video that include numerous misspellings, sentiments similar to  th…