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Deep Slider or Coverage of the ALCS Game 3

Well despite the fact that this turned out to be a thoroughly bland game commentating wise, I captured what I could from the Fox crew.

I have to say a few things right from the start:

1. I feel like I should be slightly less sarcastic towards Tim McCarver since he looks like he's aged about 2 and a half years in a one year period of time.  I truly hope nothing is seriously wrong with him, but I can't find any confirmation because when I put in "Tim McCarver Sick" as a search in Google, for the next two pages all that comes up are pages like THIS. On the other hand, maybe he just stopped dying his hair and eyebrows to undergo the minor heart surgery I was finally able to weed out of the complaints.

2.  I'm pretty sure Aretha Franklin stole that outfit she wore to over-sing the National Anthem from my mom's closet.  I know that Aretha has had some rough patches, but you're the Queen of Soul, you can do better.  Just because I can, let's get this game s…