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The Longest Month

Ugh...March.  It's that absolutely terrible, wonderful month filled with the last annoying remnants of winter and the hopes of a beautiful spring.  We here on the East Coast are still threatened with snow while there are enticingly warmer temperatures in places south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I mean those places are always warmer, but for some reason when you hear that it's 60 in Miami in January, you just think, "of course it is" because it could NEVER be 60 in Connecticut in January.  But when you hear it's 65 in March, it seems like an evil, teasing hoax because you're **THIS CLOSE** to spring, but it's still just out of reach.  Since March is the first of the longest months, meaning that January has all of those random historical people holidays and the New Year's Hangover while February packs a wallop in just 28 days, most of the time, but in general, unless you're Irish or a huge college basketball fan, March is mostly just tre…

On The Bookshelf: From Notting Hill With Love Actually

Well, I'm happy to have at least one book finished in 2013; I'm also glad I got it for free on my Nook. There is something irresistible to me about a good boy meets girl story. Chalk it up to that stingy extra "X" chromosome or the monthly hormone imbalance, but I've always been a fan of a decent meet-cute, and a satisfactory happy ending. While this book does actually have both of those, it's the pesky in-between that gets tedious.
From the outset, the premise is, at best highly questionable. A girl wants to housesit at her wealthy friend of a friend's home because she wants to prove that the same scenarios that happen in the movies she loves, also happen in real life. I know what you're thinking right now. It's something along the lines of "WHAAAAAA...?" Yeah, it took me a couple of minutes for my eyes to refocus after rolling so far back in my head as well. In today's digitially addicted, pop-culture saturated world, this notion se…