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Ending with Dirtbag

Some things you should know:
A. I prefer Ray Stantz over Peter Venkman. There, I've said it. I mean I really like both, but if I have to choose I go with Ray every time. There's something sweeter about him, not quite so pessimistic. Although I do know that it's his fault for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, he should have just said he was a god.
B. I'm really digging Edgar Wright (now), which is no surprise since he's British and talented, and his pretty awesome blog can be found here:
My personal favorite is his daily photo.
C. This American Life on NPR is life-changing. The stories and ideas are consistently fascinating and borderline revelatory. If you're interested, check out their website for yourself.
D. Christopher Pike, Fear Street and Goosebumps were never really for kids. I just found a bunch at Goodwill for the scandalously low prices of 79 and 99 cents. They're going to make a comeback…

Tim McCarver Loves Pedro Martinez (too bad they're both unbearable))

I was originally going to title this entry "Tim and Pedro sitting in a tree" but I figured that might be going too far. This is too much. Fox and their blatantly anti-Yankee coverage, helmed by Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Ken Rosenthal (whom I've dubbed Home Depot because of his inherent tool-ness) are quickly ruining the World Series for me. I was honestly just happy the Yanks had won the League Championship. The Phillies were always going to be a tough draw. They're a great, worthy team. I have nothing against them, honestly, but the 3 Dumb-egos in the booth are driving me insane. So now, instead of having to mute the tv for 3 and a half hours straight, I've decided to take back my team and my World Series. Fox can suck it.
I'm going to just be writing down some of the best lines, which will pretty much be the entire telecast. It's 8:45 right now, but I'm going to rewind a little, because I like to torture myself:
8:23-Ode to the Phillies-…

Pablo Neruda Makes My Vocabulary Sob

To fully explain things let me say that I love Pablo Neruda in the kind of way that it almost feels as if the proper words don't exist. But they must exist, because he managed time and time and time again to find a combination of words to express the inexpressable. I'm starting on his "100 Love Sonnets" and I'm barely 2 sentences in, and these are the phrases that assault my temporal lobe. By the way, these aren't even the sonnets yet, people, this is just the dedication, to his wife, of course:
"When I set this task for myself, I knew very well that down the right sides of sonnets, with elegant discriminating taste, poets of all times have arranged rhymes that sound like silver, or crystal, or cannonfire. But-with great humility- I made these sonnets out of wood"
How is it possible that such eloquence can exist within the written word? How is it possible to say "listen, I'm just a man, but I love you so much, that I had to get it out on…


So here's a list of my recent obsessions, in case you're keeping track:

STYLE: This may be the MOST PERFECT BAG ever made, and it's only slightly outside of my price range:
It's the Harley bag from Banana Republic:
YUUUUMMMMM!!! I might get one, MIGHT, if only we were getting bonuses at work this year. I mean it's not that much of a stretch, but I suppose it would be slightly better to eat than to own this fantastic bag, but that thinking could change. Correction, that logical thinking has JUST changed. I have a new mission.
Aside from being newly introduced to WEHM, a really incredible radio station, that plays only the worthiest music ( you can listen here:, I'm also strangely digging Train's new "Hey Soul Sister". It's catchy, I guarantee it. Watch out for Bob Schneider too. 40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet) will be making an appearance on one of those Dawson's Creek wannabe shows soon, I'm almost positive.


Zombieland- the Goriest (and Funniest) place on Earth

If Walt Disney were still alive he'd be into zombies right now, I'm almost positive of that. There'd probably be some sort of Zombie Island ride, or a Zombie week with Zombie fireworks or at the very least a Zombie stop at Epcot where they'd serve chicken nuggets in the shape of brains or perhaps a tasty soup/bread bowl combo, with the bread made to look like a human head so that when you take the top off it looks like you're sipping...well you get it. Zombies are cool now, they have been for a while. I mean sure, 2008 belonged to the Vampire, but the Zombs have never really disappeared. After all, they are the undead. The likelihood of their just disappearing is almost nil. With that being said, Hollywood, the second happiest place in the world behind Walt Disney World, at least that's what I sense, is going to make as much bank on as many trends as possible. Choosing a Halloween-tastic October release Zombieland is kind of the "sleeper" hit of…

Lloyd Dobler-ruining girls for 20 years

As I sit here watching "Say Anything", I've reached a significant realization. Here's the conclusion I've reached about my life. I should never have watched Say Anything before the age of 25; but because I didn't know this rule existed, I now can blame Lloyd Dobler for single-handedly ruining the entire male species for me. I know Lloyd Dobler is a fictional character, I mean I'm not so far removed from reality (yet) that I don't recognize the ridiculousness of this statement. But what I'm saying is that Lloyd Dobler may very well be the single, most perfect male teen adolescent character ever created, and to give girls the hope that someone like that exists before they're too young to know better is false advertising. Shame on you Cameron Crowe.

Lloyd Dobler is unique in every sense of the word. Even before you see the movie, you're forewarned. "To know Lloyd Dobler is to love him. Diane Court is about to know Lloyd Dobler&qu…