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Hobby Lobbyists & the No Good, Very Bad Day for Women

Well, Supreme Court, you've done it.  You've gone and woken the sleeping Samuel L. Jackson inside this normally mild-mannered girl.  You've gone and gotten my estrogen up with this bullshit decision that says Hobby Lobby and Conestoga, as companies owned by a small number of individuals, no longer have to provide coverage for contraception, because it goes against their religious values.

At the outset, I just have to say, HAHAHAHAHHAHAFUCKINGHAHAHAHHAHAFUCKINGHA, to anyone who thought this was about ANYTHING remotely resembling religious values.  This, as is the case with most things business-related, was about power and politics.  However, throwing in "religion" as a buzzword is a clever bit of consideration by Mr. Green (Mr. Hobby or Mr. Lobby, however you choose to refer to him), seeing as simply shouting "RELIGION" in this day and age is akin to shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theater.  Both situations can turn deadly in a moment and are us…


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Aronofsky:

I just need to state up front, that I personally have a 2 "things" about Darren Aronofsky films and the explanation of  those "things"are as follows:
Thing 1-If you're a fan of capital-F Film, you really HAVE to see his movies.  They're filled with visuals that manage a duality that few directors can rival. Even when they're stripped down films like The Wrestler, they're both stark and lush at the same time.  His stories always walk a tightrope of fairy tale and reality, and that combination of escapism and intellect is indeed a kind of addiction when it comes to this guy.
Thing 2- You really only need to see his movies once.  Usually those same attributes that draw the viewer in are so strong that one viewing is enough to leave it imprinted on your brain for years to come.  I mean honestly, if I just write the title Requiem for a Dream is there any person who has seen that movie who can't conjure at leas…