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Mockingjay Pt. 1

For those who have read The Hunger Games trilogy, we've all known what's coming.  I think the films have done an admirable job of  indicating that Katniss and Company's story has always been about something much larger than just the Games.  With Mockingjay Part 1, we finally get to the story that it feels like Suzanne Collins always wanted to tell, which is the nationwide revolution of Panem.  As with all adaptations these days, the studio is dragging out the process by turning book 3 in to films 3 AND 4, but here, for some reason, I don't mind so much.  The groundwork needs to be laid and I think that there's enough story that the moments of padding don't feel quite as lengthy and disruptive as they sometimes do in other YA adaptations.
Mockingjay picks up close to the end of Catching Fire, with Katniss and Finnick in recovery in District 13 (things aren't going well), Peeta and Johanna in the hands of the Capital (things aren't going well) and Effie …