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Mad Max: Fury Road

I’ll admit it, I’ve seen bits and pieces of all of the original three Mad Max films, but I’ve never been obsessed with them.  They came from the time before fandom when you could, you know, just like a movie, without living it as a philosophy.  They came from a time when WPIX would air them before Conan The Destoyer. What stood out to me then was their undeniable style and vision. And Mel Gibson eating dog food from a can.  The tenants of the original trilogy seemed to be vengeance, redemption, kick-ass car chases, leather, and, of course, Tina Turner in a chain mail dress that Bob Mackie could only dream of designing.  Almost all of those elements remain in this fourth installment of the Mad Max saga, the apr├Ęs colon, Fury Road.  But this time, it seems that technology has allowed for George Miller’s complete vision to be brought to the screen.  It’s not just a “well let’s make do” kind of low-budget movie the series started out as; instead, it’s an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink…

Widow Me This

I’ve tried, in vain apparently, to ignore the uproar that is accompanying the release of The Avengers sequel.  It’s seems jumbled and misdirected and convoluted (a lot like the second half of the movie, if I’m being completely honest) but I can’t ignore it. It’s on every site I choose to visit on a daily basis.  Yes, a simple solution to this part of the problem would be for me to ONLY visit the Apartment Therapy or Anthropologie websites for the next two weeks.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that the issue exists, nor does it change the fact that I’d probably be (roughly) 500 bucks poorer at the end of those two weeks.  Seriously, have you seen these bird pillows?!  They’re practically a steal at 78 bucks!
But let’s attempt to deal with the myriad of issues at hand in order, of course to avoid dealing with actual world events that none of us single-handedly can fix.  Let’s try to break down exactly how those sticks got up everyone’s butts about the Black Widow story arc, and…