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San Andreas

There was a moment, roughly two-thirds of the way through San Andreas, when I actually LOL’d.  I could barely stop myself from ROFL-ing, but seeing as I was in a movie theater, and terrified that ROFL-ing would lead to just straight-up rolling down the stairs, in the dark, I remained seated. But I wasn’t laughing AT the movie, I’m almost positive I was laughing WITH the movie. Unlike some of the dumber blockbusters that have been regurgitated to the public only to be pooped out after their by-normal-human-minds impressive opening weekends, but deemed as unimpressive by the we-only-deal-in-billions film industry, San Andreas never intentionally underestimates its audience intelligence.  Instead, it takes the combination of elements that make a disaster movie the nearly impenetrable force of movie nature that it is and raises it to an all-star level.  I’m honestly not sure that another disaster movie will ever be made that so meticulously references (some may be so bold as to substitut…