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Of Baggage and Bins

Setting: Anywhere Airport, Delta Terminal The crackle of the PA System flares just as a Delta employee does their very best to summon a level of enthusiasm that almost certainly departed their soul right after the dregs of their coffee disappeared. It almost works. “Good morning passengers on flight 2592 to Atlanta, we’d like to thank you for choosing Delta. We’d also like to let you know that this is a full flight. We will run out of overhead room. If you’d like to check your carry-on bag, we can do so at the counter”. Looking around, one may notice that they are surrounded by dozens, several dozens, of people whose idea of carry-on luggage is a bag large enough to fit several human bodies, or 150 pairs of shoes, or at least a regular-sized barbecue smoker. This is a fairly recent phenomenon, correct? Like less than a decade? It has nothing to do with worrying about terror attacks, or feeling the need to follow that travel rule of keeping at least one set of clothing with you. It se…