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2017 In Film-Top 10

Forgive this post, first of all. I feel like I'm learning to write all over again and I'm just assuming that my writing voice will be hoarse after this long of a break. But one must get started again, somehow, some way, so what better way than to do an all-in-one 2017 in film post, since I didn't write about my favorites way back when?

After much hand-wringing, hard-thinking and mild drinking (just kidding, I don't drink unless it's included in the price of brunch) my 2017 top ten was concluded by January 1st. But clearly, my resolution to stop procrastinating was not as successful. But in the vein of forgiving myself my trespasses, I'm plugging along anyway. Perhaps, if there's something you haven't seen, you'll be inspired to catch up. Fair warning, the only one I haven't seen before close of year is Phantom Thread;so if PTA is your jam and you're about to get all savagely righteous, hold those horses and maybe even put them in the barn, …