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Portland, Maine- A Long Weekend on the Ocean

I lived in Connecticut for the better part of my life, all told, 28 years. Throughout that entire time, I made approximately one trip to Maine. And it was only to Kennebunkport, for like a single Saturday. I remember that it was a long drive (Google Maps tells me that it's only a little over three hours one way, but it seemed at least twice that when I was 8) and that that's how I had my first lobster. Neither of these details were enough to place this location in my brain as a place to continually return to. When I left Connecticut, I didn't think that Maine would be a place I felt a pull towards.
And yet, when Guster announced that they would be doing another weekend of concerts in Portland, ME, I immediately texted my best friends. We've made nearly an annual habit of seeing Guster together since we were in college. I've fixed it in my brain as a tradition, the same way Thanksgiving and Christmas are. When we miss a show over the course of a year, it's a no…