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Every time a movie, any movie, is completed it’s a miracle. A careful, but imperceptible, juggling of expectations, project management, and happy compromise of what the filmmakers envision combined with what the audience wants or needs. The completion of a blockbuster is even more miraculous, and yet over the years, audiences have begun to take blockbusters for granted. It's assumed that blockbusters just get funded and set out to be giant successes and it. It's as if there's a belief that the recipe of a blockbuster is throw enough money and talent into the movie pot, stir for three months of filming and simmer for six months with marketing, and, voila, a certified box office success you will have.

But in the last decade or so, for all of the tentpole movies offered up by Hollywood, it’s been proven, over and over that is simply not the case. The truth is, at every turn there’s a snake in the grass; every visual choice, every line written, a chance for the whole…