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Everything We Need: Chapter 5 - The Three

For the first time since she had started her research, Rey felt like she was finally returning home. She had been back to their settlement for short periods of rest, but she had barely eaten anything and hadn't said much more to Poe or Finn beyond "Good Morning" or "Good Night" while she had been preoccupied. And now, on her walk back, Rey was suddenly felt very nervous. She knew things were going to be tenuous. She had, after all, been the one to disappear on them. But the truth was, she didn't know what they could do to help. She hadn't even known what she was looking for. This way had just been easier, at least on her.

When she walked into their settlement, Poe was eating an indeterminable soft, spoonable meal. It didn't smell bad, but it didn't smell good either. Rey walked over and sat one trunk away from him, not wanting to push her luck.

"So, how is it?" Rey asked, reaching for a bowl and spoon.

"Fine," Poe said calmly, …

Everything We Need: Chapter 4 - The Journal

The next morning, Rey prepared for a return visit to Maz. The rest, the best sleep she had in a while, in fact, had given her a renewed sense of purpose. There had to be something in one of those books on Maz’s shelves that could help her figure out how to bring Ben back. At this point, she would settle for something that would just let her find him. Anything that would allow her to tell him all the things she hadn’t been able to say. There just had to be...more.

She had just slung her staff over her shoulder and opened the door when she saw her standing there.

Leia, in a halo of blue, walking out of the forest towards Rey.

“Master, what are you doing here?”

“Ok, Rey, tell me what’s going on.”

“What do you mean?” Rey asked, full of innocence.

“You know what I mean, Rey,” she said, her tone cutting through the nonsense. Then a little softer, “in case you need reminding, when my side of things gets a bit boring, well, I eavesdrop. It’s a bad habit, I know, but I can’t help myself. Plus…

Everything We Need: Chapter 3 - Take Shelter

Once back at their camp, Rey could see that Poe was awake too. And he was deep in conversation with Finn. They heard her approach once she reached the edge of the camp, and they both looked up at her at the same time.

“Rough night?” Poe asked, not sounding concerned so much as just needing to hear the truth.

“Yes, in fact, it was the worst one in a while,” Rey admitted.

Once Poe was sure Rey wasn't going to lie, though come to think of it, Rey was a surprisingly bad liar for someone with more Jedi mind tricks than she let on, Poe softened.

“Well, what happened? Why were you coming from Maz’s?” he asked, this time genuinely interested.Rey looked at BB-8.

“I see you told them where I was going.” Rey looked down at the droid like he had broken a promise. BB-8 looked from Poe to Finn, to Rey, and back to Poe again.

“He was worried,” Poe said, throwing a hand in the air as if to acknowledge that her blaming a droid was just a momentary distraction and, eventually, Rey would have to say somet…

Everything We Need: Chapter 2-The Way Back

Through tears, she whispered, “Ben?” and then gasped her breath back in, as if she could take it back.
But it was too late. The tears were coming easily now, but so was something else. Determination, maybe?
“Ben, where are you?”
“I don’t know,” he said, now sounding further away.
“BEN” she started to run, she wasn't even sure where she was just following his voice. She began to shout.
“I’ll find you again,” he replied from even further away, the “again” fading like smoke where there had once been embers.
“Ben?” she asked again, knowing this time there’d be no reply. But still, she needed to ask it, just to hear herself repeat his name, finally, after all this time.
She felt the pull back to her reality.
“Rey, come back to me.”
It was Maz, who was shaking her gently. Rey opened her eyes and saw Maz. Then, she looked around the room, confirming to herself that she was back.
“I’m ok,” Rey said, wiping her face with her hands. “I’m ok."
“Did you hear all of it?” Rey asked af…

Everything We Need: Chapter 1- Takodana

Rey wasn’t so much awakened as pulled out of sleep. It hadn’t been a deep sleep anyway, but still, having been pulled from it, she could now feel the small beginnings of her dream evaporate like a fog as she suddenly felt her familiar surroundings again.

At the moment, she was on Takodana, and her first thought about this place still held true: she had never known there was this much green in the whole galaxy. She looked up through the small hole in her thatched roof, seeing a pink dawn barely peeking through the tree canopy. It was still too early, but she couldn’t go back to sleep now. BB-8 sensed it too. He had come out of sleep mode as soon as Rey had sat up in her bed. He rolled over to her now, tilting his head, curious.

“I don’t know, BB-8. I felt…something.”

BB-8 rolled back as if getting a better look at Rey would help the droid figure out what was happening with her. He beeped at her, worried.

“No, no, nothing like that. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t dark…it was, ugh I don’t kn…