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Everything We Need : Chapter 8 - Something Like a Plan

Rey had explained everything she could to Rose, and now she was just standing in the awkward silence waiting for some sort of response. 

Rose looked from Rey to Finn and back to Rey again.

“Wow, ok, so yeah, that was a lot.” Rose turned to Finn finally and asked, “So how do you feel about all of this?”

Finn shrugged, “I feel like I always knew there was something she wasn’t telling me. And when she told us this, it all suddenly made sense, in a weird way. If Rey and Leia trust this, who am I NOT to trust this?”

“Well, for starters, you’re someone who cares about her,” Rose said as if she were stating the obvious.

“I mean, of course... always, but I also don’t know the things that Rey knows. I can’t feel what she feels when it comes to Ben,” he looked to Rey now, “she’s kind of blocked that off. All I know is that if Ben hadn’t been there to save her, Rey would be gone. And I don’t want to live in THAT world. If that’s how she feels without Ben, then I have to help her see this thing throug…